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eyeshadow for light brown eyes? ( pic inside )?

are my eyes light brown?

anyways, what eye shadow works for me, and what eye shadow does NOT?


wish i had lighter, green eyes.. :(

Update 2:

do you think blue/dark blue looks trashy?

i tried it once, and my family told me i looked trashy. :(

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    i agree with many of the posters that most colors will work for your eye color. But because of your skin tone, try staying away from steely greys, and dark blue. Try different hues in its pastel shade. soft greens and blues will compliment your eyes and skin much more than the harsher dark ones. Also olive and plum colors may suit your very well.

    Good luck!

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    I think that you would look awesome with a dark grey on the bottom going into a lighter grey at the top. Blues would look good to and browns. You can pretty much wear anything you just have to experiment with the colors. go to a virtual makeover site and try on the makeup.

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    Pop Beauty

    Eye Class - Brown Eyes

    Yet another glimmering master class in eye makeup from Pop! These twelve super silky, long-lasting glowing lid finishers have been carefully combined to make your brown eyes pop and sparkle in no time! Twelve tasty shades in an irresistible shimmering gold wallet - it's the perfect accessory for those glam parties.

    Shades include: vibrant yellow, gold with gold glitter, neutral apricot, peach shimmer, medium brown, rose brown, peachy-rose with gold glitter, russet rose sheen, chocolate, cranberry, plum shimmer, and matte black.

    this kit has the perfect colors, for brown eyes.

    I am a make upartist and I really thought about your question and thought that this kit was the best idea for you. keep it simple.

    you can use the darkest shade as an eyeliner whitch saves money.


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    copper beach and whipped coca would look amazing on you. Go to my site:

    and click on the makeup tab. You will find a section that relates to eyes you will be able to see the colors I mentioned in the view all section. You can also have a virtual makeover on one of the models that fall into your category (skin, hair and eye color). If you are interested my contact info is there. Hope that helps have a great day!!

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    Brown eyes go with all colors. Neutrals look best though, brown, olive, tan, things like that. Nothing really looks bad against brown eyes but colors might not go with your skin tone. Go to a makeup counter and they can figure all your colors for you.

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    u have kinda light brown eyes, most colours will work for ur eyes, but greens work really well with brown eyes, so does silvery/grey u can get away with pretty much any colour if u have brown eyes, which is why us brown eyed girls are soo lucky. i think eye shadow colour also has to do with skin tone.

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    ok my eyes are a similar color to yours. on a daily basis i wear a brown eye shadow. but when i go out and stuff i wear purple, sometimes pink and even green. purple compliments the brown and there is even a kit that comes with three eye shadows and it tells you how to apply. it is specifically for people with brown eyes. i am not sure who makes it though. but purple looks great with brown eyes.

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    I don't know how much eyeshadow you want to use but a mauve would be gorgeous with your eye color. You can start with a neutral base and then use the mauve on the outside of your eye and a little in the center to make your eyes pop.

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    You are so lucky! Brown eyed girls are neutral so really any shade you put on is going to look great with your eyes. Pinks, plums, golds, coppers, greys. Shimmery eye shadows really set off brown eyes but you really can't go wrong with brown.

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