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cheeks asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

is there something wrong with her???

ok i have a female Boston Terrier she just turned 8months old today. about a week ago i've noticed that theres blood coming out of her privet part n im guessing shes on her period for the first time right?? but her privet part has gotten bigger then its normal that normal?!?!? ...should i take her to the vet??? or should i not be worried at all???

Thanks For The Help=)

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    It sounds like it is her season, it on average will last 3 weeks but the blood should turn to just discharge after week 2. Her private parts also known as a vulva will be swollen and very noticable! This is all normal - don't worry. You only need to take her to the vets if -

    1) she doesn't stop bleeding

    2) instead of normal white / clear discharge it turns a yellow/green colour (ie. infection present)

    3) if she goes off her food and generally unwell in herself.

    Please keep her away from all other dogs as she is a magnet to them now! We don't want any un wanted puppies.

    I advise you actually keep her in or just confined to the back garden until she's finished.

    Most vets will not spay her straight away as it's too risky at the mo, but certainly ring them up and book her in for the near future. At the vets where I work we do it 4 months after a season.

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    Very normal. NO need for a vet! Her vulva can get up to three times its normal size. However did you know that her chances of getting an infection in the uterus is high or cancer of the mammary glands is now 7% and if you let her have another heat, its up to 1 in 4 dogs?? Please spay her, it is better for her health in the long run. Plus spaying her can stop unwanted litters. A dog is put to sleep every 4 seconds in the USA! Good luck!

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    This is normal, it is her first heat. There will be some swelling involved as well as bloody oozing.

    Keep her away from male dogs; she is too young to be getting pregnant! She is still a baby herself!

    Call your vet about having her spayed, he may be able to do it right away though most vets prefer to wait until the heat cycle is over and the swelling goes down..

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    I got a boston terrier as a puppy three years ago , and the same thing happened to her, now remeber that dogs reach adolsence too and go thru puberty( much more quickly though). ur dog is getting bigger, and so the rest of her is too. but if ur really that worried than go ahead and take her to the vet.

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    What your seeing is perfectly normal. She is in her heat. It will last approx 3 weeks. Keep her safe and away from male dogs.

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    when dogs go into heat it is normal for them to bleed and there vulva swell, you should get her fixed if you dont know anything about breeding or get some expert advice.

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  • tess
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    1 decade ago

    She's in heat. Keep male dogs away from her, and then get her spayed

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    Perfectly normal. But if you didn't know that, I advise you take her to vet to be spayed IMMEDIATELY.

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    1 decade ago

    You should not be alarmed.It is perfectly normal for female dogs.This happened to mine too!

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