I am looking for an attornoy for a diviorce. I am in the middle of filing for disiability, so I don't have cas

I have no cash. I was referred to a bono lawyer.Like i Said I need a diviorce and I am trying to get disiability. Any helpout there. I live in SC. Laws are really tricky here.

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    First, Legally you dont need to get a divorce. You can just be legally seperated and it is much less expensive. Second , I want you to watch a movie called the Secret. It is about positive thinking and energy. It will give you a different outlook on things. Things could always be worse. You just have to look at things with a more positive manner. You make your own bed...if it is crappy then work your way out of it. Things always can be better. But you have to take the effort to make them that way. Ive been through many negative times...but I have worked my way out of them. You just need to take 1 thing at a time and fix it. Eventually things will start looking up!...I am sorry to hear about your situation. And if you need anyone to talk to I would be more then happy to try to help you!

    good luck


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    have you tired calling legal aid? they can either do it free or charge you a lower fee based on your income,but it seems to me that you need to work on one thing at a time. lawyers have their specialties and unfortunately for you you made wo different lawyers for two different jobs. i am on disability and did not need a lawyer to get it. as long as you have a lot of paperwork regarding the disability like medical records,hospital stays, letters from employers stating the problems you've had working as to relation why you're claiming to be disabled. drs. notes. etc... the more evidence you have of said disability the better chance you'll get it. but o know that they always turn you down the first time. why i don't know,but you will have 90 days to appeal and make sure you do this b/c you will get retro payments from the first time you applied. trust me this was mistake i made. you don't need a lawyer for disability just keep building your case the more paperwork you have the more evidence. a lawyer will only end up w/most of your money. now the divorce is another issue. i can't help w/that. and your ex will not have any claim on your disability money even if your still married.

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    Try the sites below, watch the movie presentations. Hope this helps.

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