ripping... is it legal?

We recently got a new computer and it has a DVD burner in it. To copy DVDs I guess you have to rip them first.

How do I do that?

is it legal?

I don't intend on making any sort of profit on these. I only want to make backups of DVDs that I've already purchased. (I have a sister who tends to treat them poorly.)

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    Under the copyright act, owners of dvd and cd media are in fact entitled to make copies of their digital entertainment. However, companies that develop and produce software specific for these purposes do not have the right to do so. As such, it is slightly difficult to find good programs that are easy to use and do the job you want. Free software downloads are available on websites such as c-net. One example is located at :

    Other programs that seem to be useful and user friendly include DVD 4.3.2 and DVD copy plus. The programs essentially allow you to save your DVD to your hard drive and then burn to disc.

    good luck.

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    Yes. It's legal for the reasons you stated. The only problem with these computer rippers now a days is that the DVDs have a "no copy" code encrypted on them, a language I dont understand. So my best advice to solve this issue is to go online and buy a DVD ripping software program that can encrypt DVDs to be ripped. I did this, I bought a software called 1 Click DVD Copy and it was $99 bucks, but WELL worth it. I've had it for several years now and have ripped MANY movies (for a similar reason of course). I hope this helps, good luck!

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    I'm not sure anyone knows for sure if it is legal or illegal to make back-up copies of DVD's you own. Software makers have been sued by the movie industry so I don't know if owning or using their product would be considered illegal or not.

    The real question might be can and how can I back-up my DVD's?

    The website that will make you aware of most any software or method along with detailed tutorials, is

    All the information you need is right there.

    As far as being legal, don't try to sell or distribute, keep only copies of DVD's you own, purchased legally and have in your posession. I don't think the DVD police will be breaking down your door if you follow these very simple rules.

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    Making backup copies is legal, selling them is not. There is a free program called DVD Shrink that works very well. There is also a program called DVD43 that allows you to use ordinary copy programs to make a copy of a DVD. Both can be a good tool to use. I use DVDFab Platinum, it works best and has a 30 day free trial that you should be able to copy a ton of disks.

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    Ripping a DVD for your own use is legal. It falls under the "Fair Use" doctrine of the copyright act.

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    "Ripping" or burning a CD is only illegal if you are giving or taking (even as a gift) a computer made CD that you don't own. If you own the CD and you burn it for yourself, then it is legal. But if you are caught, you could spend up to 10 years in jail, with a $250,000 fine. So ask yourself, is it really worth it? The choice is yours.

    Source(s): I'm a Lawer, and the warnings on every movie and most media objects.
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    My friend does this, he's got Netflix, and he's got a DVD burner and burns them when he gets them and he doesn't sell them or anythng--but it is illegal, because of the copyright.

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    as far as i know, it's legal as long as they're dvds you own and don't intend to distribute (so as a backup it's fine)

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    that's fullyyt criminal, you have been misinformed. it somewhat is even arguably criminal to backup your own bought DVD's that incorporate reproduction protection utility yet in basic terms for deepest use.

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    No i don't think it is elligal,because you dont do it from the internet.

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