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Women 23-32 please answer with your age.?

Ok so here it is. I'm a divorced father of two girls ages 3 & 7. I've been into the dating game since my divorce over 1 1/2yrs ago and was wondering about how being an 29yr old father of two is affecting my dating chances and age groups. I know i'm not as young as i use to be however i'm still in great shape-u know wash board stomache and everything, anyways what do you think? Would you date a guy that was divorced after a 10yr marriage that has 2 wonderful kids? Even if the divorce wasn't his fault. Your age and reasons would be helpful. Thanks,


ok i've seen some answers related to the divorice issue- so with that here's what happened. Aultery on her side was the reason. this was the second time and i forgave the first but couldn't over look the second. So this is where the fault laid. sorry guess i should have been clearer to get better answers.

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    i am 26 and i'm a little hesitant when i hear someone talking about a divorce that "wasn't his fault." maybe it was mostly her, that's possible, but just the fact that u would say it like that would make me really wonder whether i could have any serious relationship with u. i can live with "things didn't work out" or "we were incompatible" or something like that, but to say the divorce wasn't your fault just sounds defensive and a little childish, honestly. maybe u need a little more time to get over things.

    hugs, brit

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    I'm 32 and I wouldn't have a problem dating someone divorced with kids as long as he were aware of and accepted his share of the responsiblity for the break up of the marriage. And if he was trying to be a better person now. I've actually just started seeing a man who's been divorced twice and has a son.

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    24 I would date a guy who was divorced and one with kids but not one who refuses to take any responsibility for whatever happened. I have a very hard time believing that the divorce was none of your fault maybe not mostly but some of it had to be these things are always two sided.

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    im 38 but i still want to make a comment. i was gonna give the same answer anyway if i were 32. based on most of the divorcee i know (90%)......after the divorce, their kids are their priority. cant blame them because its the only relationship left to keep for themselves after the divorce. its their kids...period. and i fully understand that kids should always be on the top of the list. if im a divorcee (which im not), i will always prioritize my relationship with my kids. im single and i'll put it this way. if im given the choice, i still wanna date or marry a single guy with no kids. it will be difficult for me not to think that a divorcee father will always love his kids (from the previous marriage) more than me or more than our future kid. first kid/s are always special. i dont think i can help not to get jealous and competitive...which is i guess just a natural feeling. about the divorce, i dont take it against the person. the marriage just didnt work out and i understand. you dont have to make yourself suffer for the rest of your life being trapped in a marriage that is no longer working out. on the contrary, its hard to find nice, decent, responsible, committed guys right now. divorcee guys only proved one thing: they're not afraid of commitment. they have tried tho and it didnt work out but at least commitment is already on their resume. id rather date or marry a divorcee awesome guy with 2 kids rather than fall for someone who's immature, irresponsible, afraid of commitment and who doesnt want to have kids. i think i can bend some of my rules and sacrifice only if i find the right guy for me whether or not he's a divorcee, single, single dad as long as he wants to have a baby with me.

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