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do you like goarge bush? alert!! answer if you are a american?

dont answer if your half american half sosmething else?

only answer if your sure and u relise what he did to iraq !

what did iraq do to him and what did lebenon do for him why did he kill inocent poeple. and if you answer why are they fighting back , i answer u with only one answer there defending there country, won't u do the same thing if you were at there place and somebody kills you 2 year old daughter or mom or dad,brother...

ps, i am an american

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    Ask me this question again when you graduate elementary school.

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    The only way I can be sure you're American, is because I know the public schools in the United States are very likely to have passed you from grade to grade with an inability to articulate yourself in the English language.

    (1) American troops weren't anywhere near Lebanon for last year's fighting.

    (2) Been to Iraq thank you, and if you think Iraqis killing Iraqis on the highway while robbing them or kicking them out of their neighborhoods for being the wrong ethnic group or wrong religion is "defending their country", then you are completely out of your mind.

    (3) I understand a national resistance movement. There is NO unified national resistance movement in Iraq. Most of the killing is Iraqi on Iraqi, which is tragic enough.

    And how can someone be "half American, half something else" in terms of citizenship? You're either American, or you're not, dual citizenship notwithsanding.

    Stop skipping school. Attend your classes. Do your homework. And stay away from drugs.

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    After thinking about what he did to Iraq, liberated their country from an evil dictator, yes I like him. After thinking about what we did in Lebanon. NOT killing innocent people, but rescuing American exchange students, and tourists, yes I like him. And after thinking about how good you can spell George, and how good you are at punctuation, and how I have no idea what the hell the details are in this question ("i answer u with only one answer there defending there country, won't u do the same thing if you were at there place and somebody kills you 2 year old daughter or mom or dad,brother..."), I think you are lying about being an American (with a capital A)

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    We are in Iraq because Saddam Hussein repeatedly violated the 1991 cease-fire agreement. Among his violations was the attempted assassination of former President George H.W. Bush when he visited Kuwait in the 1990's. Unfortunately, for Saddam Bush's son became President and would not be as patiant as his predecessors.

    What has the US got to do with Lebenon?

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    I like George bush actually I think what we are doing FOR Iraq not TO Iraq is a wonderful thing. We are giving these people freedom that they have never had before. The poor people of Iraq live everyday in fear, we are helping them have normal lives. Also we are protecting Israel because in the Bible it says we will, all your questions can be answered by reading your Bible.

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    So you didn't use spell check--that's no crime, so sorry for the hostile answers. No I don't like President Bush's policies although I have nothing against him as a person. Yes, I would hope Americans would fight back against a foreign invader. Think of it this way--what if every country that didn't like our government invaded us to overthrow our system? However, that's not the reason we invaded Iraq. We invaded--unwisely in retrospect--because Saddam threw out the U.N. weapons inspectors. Saddam brought this on himself. However, the President declared "Mission Accomplished" years ago. He should have listened to his own words. We deposed Saddam and destroyed the weapons he had. I believe he did have weapons of mass destruction, they just were not nuclear weapons YET. He would have gotten and used nuclear weapons as soon as he could. I object less to the invasion than to our remaining there. It is completely delusional to think we can make the Shiites and Sunnis get along. They disagree over who is the legitimate heir to Mohammad and have been arguing about that for over 1300 years. Now the Saudis support one side and Iran the other. We have made the region far less stable and ignored the Taliban in Afghanistan who are gaining ground again.

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    as an American it is your right to feel this way and I can't believe I defended your right to it......but in my opinion- respect the office even if you dont respect the man- and instead of posting borderline inflamatory questions, take some time and get an education- at least some grammar lessons!

    Source(s): Medically discharged US Soldier
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    He's the only one that can save us from the deadly Chinese alien attacks on earth. When need the ultrablastamatic 2008 to gun down those incompetent and relentless amphibious aliens!

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    To be honest its hard for to know whether I like someone I have not met. I suggest one should reserve judgement on whether they like a person or not till they actually have met them in person. GW will be out of office in a few years maybe then your english will be good enough he will be able understand you.

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    Bush has his problems and has done things I*'m not

    crazy about. However, I support G.W. in his stand on

    Iraq and for his morality and tenacity. He's the type of

    Commander-In-Chief that makes the tough decision and

    isn't wishy-washy about standing behind it.

    Source(s): USN(ret)
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    My earliest ancestor to North America came from Europe in 1597 others came in 16,17, and 1800s. I was born in the USA all of which makes me definately American.

    I don't approve of what is going on in Iraq. I don't approve of the pretence that got us into the war. I don't approve that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are gaining strength and the OBL is still on the lam. I don't approve of the corruption, greed, arrogance, incompetence and lies of the current Adminsitration.

    We are losing America to corporate greed. We need to take it back. We need to stay out of the business of other nations unless asked to help out.

    Anyone who feels threatened, who feels his country has been invaded, who believes his belief system is threatened will fight back. It is the right and natural thing to do.

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