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why do you think it took four visits to dicover my dog Bane has mites?

We pointed this 9 months ago and it continues to get worse they said he had a food allergy, Even with the hair missing all over they called it a food allergy with pump and puss pockets? I would of thought that would of been a big clue

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    Mites are detected through the microscopic exam of skin scrapings. Often the scrapings show nothing if there are no mites located in the site of the scraping. Veterinarians have long advised clients of this problem because the mite itself is invisible to the naked eye, so they take a chance that the site where they take the scraping may or may not actually have active mites.

    You are very lucky that they finally found the mites after a few visits and can now begin an appropriate medication and treatment.

    As for the previous treatments that your dog was given in the absence of any real evidence of mite infestation, the missing hair with small lesions are all also evidence of allergies--most often food.

    Your veterinarian was doing a responsible job and giving you appropriate treatment for the symptoms that he observed. Just count yourself lucky that he finally found the mites.

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    Okay when they said it was a food allergy and the treatment didn't resolve it within a month they should have done a skin scrape. I would definently try to recoup some of your finances. Also now that it is nine months later are any of the family members having unusual skin issues??

  • I wish I could tell you, but if I was you I would find a different vet. All vets that I know do a skin scrapping right off the bat when a dog is losing hair.

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    Maybe because the vet looked the easiest thing to call it. I'd look for another vet. Ear problems are one of the first places my vet usually checks for every time I go into her with one of my dogs. Even if I'm there for another reason.

    Source(s): Former Golden breeder and owner for over 20 years
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    Look for another vet. Sounds like you have a greedy vet who likes your money.

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