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How can I fit in at school?

In August, I'll be a senior in college. I go to an HBCU right now, and I'd like to attend another HBCU for graduate school. The thing is, I don't want to go to a school like Morehouse or Howard because there's nothing but rich people there and I won't fit in. Plus, those schools are too expensive. But I don't want to go to a school like the one I'm at now because everybody here acts "colored"...writing on the walls...fighting...peeing in the hallways....blasting music at 3am....what should I do?

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    I don't understand what you're really talking about here. It sounds like frustration that comes with too much "education" crammed in too quickly that all college people go through; if they give a ****! My brother-in -law was a professor at Howard. He passed on last year at 42 years of age. Hey, carpe diem. You are a very fortunate person that is trying to make sense of a farked up system-situation and join the group. We have all been there and the light will shine on soon. Congratulations and it's your turn to shine -- for us all.

  • Try to find a school that's a halfway point between the two. Or, if you can't, go to the "rich" school. I'm at that kind of school now, and while I don't have many friends, it's kind of worth it because the education is better and there's less (not none, but less) behavior of the kind you mentioned.

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    I'd say get a loan and go to a good college. Don't care what other people think. The important thing is that you get a good education. If you don't want to go to those colleges, why not find one out of town?

    Good luck!

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    foot the bill- go for the good schools-forget that they are "rich people" and you should be fine--you'd be surprised -good luck! ; )

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