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Did you see Joe Biden on Meet the Press? Pro or con, what did you think of him?

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    I saw Biden and I think he was brilliant. He is virtually the only candidate of either party who has come out with a realistic plan for Iraq (partition with a weak centralized government) that more and more people are now endorsing.

    Further, he is on the record as basically predicting fairly accurately back in '02, what would happen if we did invade Iraq.

    And when Russert started with his "you voted for the war" interrogation, Biden clarified what he actually voted for. The resolution stipulated first that we work to try to get the inspectors back in, and gave Bush the authority to use force as a last resort, in order to leverage action on Saddam's part. Biden said that he was wrong in actually trusting Bush with this authority, since he wielded it so incompetently.

    I also liked the part where Russert played Rudy's clip about the Dems being weak on defense and how he easily trashed it and said that he looks forward to a debate with Rudy. Biden would eviscerate him if that ever comes to pass.

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    Joe Biden is the Man! He was very presidential on that show.

    Biden really knows what he is talking about regarding Iraq. He obviously has a better handle on the situation than any Republican, especially Bush and his pro-war cronies.

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    I don't.

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