What should I do???

I haven't talked to this guy for almost 3 years, the last time I saw him I had just broken up with his best friend (although in my opinion they had nothing in common but were living together in my ex-boyfriend's house) and he graduated high school. I have since graduated and have seen him in passing but haven't really gotten a chance to talk to him. By chance I keep running into him...I just found out that my best friend's boyfriend is friend's with him. Do you think it's coincidence I can't stop liking him for this long or am I just wasting my time? By the way I haven't found anyone who I have liked since then and his sister calls me "the b****" (My younger sister and his younger sister are friends.) Please help me!


He is skinny and I'm not. I mean I'm not huge but I have these chubby baby cheeks and I'm a size 12 in pants. My body is proportional to itself but I don't know if I'm attractive enough? I'm not fishing for compliments here! I just want to know how important is this to a relationship working out?

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    Try saying "hi" and see what happens.

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    i think that it may not be just a coincindence . you may still have feelings for hm, i would start off as friends and see how it goes from there. if he confronts you and asks you out i would go for it but get to know each other better.

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