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What is icing in hockey?

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    Icing in ice hockey occurs when a player shoots the puck across both the red line and the opposing team's goal line without the puck going into the net. When icing occurs, a linesman stops play. Play is resumed with a faceoff in the defending zone of the team that committed the infraction.

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    Back in the early days of the NHL, when teams got bogged down in their own zone, they would just fire the puck the length of the ice to get out of trouble. After a while the league realized that this was making the game boring, so they instituted the icing rule. It goes like this:

    If you shoot the puck from your half of the rink and it makes it all the way down past the other team's goal line without being touched, then someone from your team has to get to it first. If the other team touches it first, it's icing against you. The punishment is a faceoff back in your zone. Plus, you can't change lines. The five guys who were on the ice when the call was made have to stay on the ice for the start of the next play.

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    "Icing is when de puck come all de way down de ice, you know, no one dere, and I put my hand up and play stop and den start up again"--Denis Lemieux, goalie, Charlestown Chiefs (Slapshot).

    Seriously, it's when a player shoots the puck from his team's side of the red line all the way down the ice past the goal line where the puck couldn't have been played by a defensive player on the opposing team (aside from the goalie), and then the puck is first touched by a defensive player. It is not icing, however, if the puck passes through the goal crease on its way down. The faceoff comes back into the defensive zone of the team who iced the puck, and that team is not allowed to change their players.

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    Icing occurs when a player on one team is on his side of the center ice line, and he sends the puck into the opposing teams zone and it crosses their goal line without being hit by anyone on the ice or going in the net, then a player on the opposing team touches the puck, before a player on the team who sent the puck into the zone touches the puck, icing is called.

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    Icing happens when you dump the puck from behind the red line beyond the opposing goal line without anyone else touching it . Play resumes at the shooting end of the ice. However, if your team is short-handed then icing is waved off and play continues.

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    When the puck is dumped to the side the team wants to score on before any of the team members get there...if that happens then there is a face off in your zone so you don't want to Ice the puck generally...

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    Icing is when all your players are at one end of the ice and you knock the puck down the ice with no one there to play it. It seen as a time waster.

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