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This is for the women only. If you wear pantyhose, what brand and shade do you most prefer? Why?

Women only please. Im trying to find a good pair for my girlfriend to wear. Thanks!

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    I like the jet brown and black ultra sheer from No Nonsense if you can still find them. I think you'll like them if she doesn't wear thong underneath : )

    I also like the Loehmann's brand. Pretty durable and soft to the touch. Of course DKNY but that is starting to get a little expensive

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    Leggs, regular nude shade. I like pantyhose that match the rest of my skin tone. I think it you wear suntan shaded stockings but your arms and face are lighter, it doesn't look right. Occasionally though, in the winter, I will wear navy or black with the same colored shoes. But for everyday, I like Leggs nude. No Nonsense brand is ok too.

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    To me, it depends on the age of the person.

    When I was younger, I loved to wear short {don't laugh} skirts & long socks {maybe up to your knee}. If she is young, guys think this is very sexy...then again, that was way back when I was young. I'm 44 now, so, it's not too very popular for me!

    Beige pantyhose are the best though...they go with just about everything.

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    Why guys go to Hooters and women wearing pantyhose is because their gf or wife won't wear them! I buy my wife pantyhose, thigh highs and nylon stockings she loves it when I surprise her and she will wear them because they make her feel sexy! Everytime we go out to a club the guys are trying to get a closer look at her legs! You should see the look on their faces when she is wearing garter belt and stockings! LMAO

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    Either Peavey blue label, suntan, or L'eggs Sheer Energy sheer to waist suntan. I wear suntan 95% of the time. Never white or navy.

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    there's this airbrush that looks as if you have pantyhose on but if its really pantyhose you want leggs regular nude never fails

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    IT depends on her skin complextion... if she is white maybe a light nude color if she has a tan a darker nude color so on and so on... you want it to match her skin complextion so it really doesn't seem she has any on. GOOD LUCK!!

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