does accutane work?

I have been on accutane for two weeks. I take 40mg a day for four months. I seem to break out more right now and my face is really red. Is this normal? I also don't know the best face wash to use when on this. Right now I am using Murad.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is normal for your face to be red, and really sensitive to sunlight. Be sure you stay out of the sun for now. My son used Clinique on his skin while taking this. It really does work, when given in the correct dosages. When you have finished this medication, your skin should be beautiful, without scars of any kind, and you will be delighted! It is like a miracle med.

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    When using acne medication, your face gets worse before it gets better. That is because everything is being pushed up to the surface. Accutane works really well. I've never used it but my boyfriend did and his skin is clear. Also, try using a face wash for sensitive skin, like ceptaphil. You do not want to irritate your face. Also, use a moistruizer.

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