My girlfriend is having trouble breathing, she has been tested for asthma and doesnt have it.?

she has also had an epiocardiogram, and the test for that were fine.. she also has a racing heart beat occasionally but it is not to do with the trouble breathing.. she also has chest pain associated with the trouble breathing.


she also had double pseumonia when she was 15 has been tested for tb and have a chest x-ray.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Test for TB (Tuberculosis)

    Also, try going to a different that will work with her to find her problem. The most aparent reason of her not being able to breath would be asthma, but there could be an underlying cause. Make sure she tells her doctor her exact symptoms...and ask the doctor ways to fix them. Actual testing is the only accurate way to find out her problem.

  • 4 years ago

    be valuable that when she makes use of her inhaler, she makes use of a spacer with it. An inhaler on my own will deposit a brilliant number of the medicine into the returned of the throat the place this is not absorbed. A spacer will help get extra medicine down into the decrease airlines. Does she like coffee? coffee can help dilate airlines and helps respiratory. tell her to avert chilly beverages whilst she's having undertaking. She incredibly needs to be on a maintenance drug like a steroid. i understand drugs are high priced yet possibly a number of the older drugs are extra value-effective now. Drug agencies are constantly attempting to cajole docs to prescribe the latest and maximum costly drugs. a brilliant number of older drugs now have generics which you are able to purchase for much less funds. you besides might could ask your surgeon for samples that are unfastened.

  • 1 decade ago

    Is it an occasional thing or is it constant? I'm thik ing if it's occasoal she may be having panic attacks. Another thing I can think of is that she may be allergic to something she's eaten or come in contact with. Maybe she should be tested for allergies.

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