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Could someone show me a link to an example of a "Best Practice" for confronting gender bias in the classroom?

I need a specific example from a teacher in k-12 and how they are confronting gender bias in the classroom. Ex. Instead of saying "good morning, guys" they say "good morning, students." my paper is due later today it just needs to be a one page example thanks

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    One article gives ten examples of current gender biases in our classrooms. "Subtlety and complacency mask ongoing gender bias in today's classrooms. Updates are presented concerning career segregation; single-sex classrooms; safety and health problems; dropout rates; gifted programs; male/female stereotypes; classroom interactions; SAT scores; math, science and technology gender gaps; political reversals; and female college enrollments." (1)

    Another article concludes with these suggestions and warnings: "Departments of education should be providing mandatory gender-equity resource modules to in-service teachers, and gender bias needs to be addressed with all pre-service teachers. Educators need to be made aware of the bias they are reinforcing in their students through socialization messages, inequitable division of special education services, sexist texts and materials, and unbalanced time and types of attention spent on boys and girls in the classroom. 'Until educational sexism is eradicated, more than half our children will be shortchanged and their gifts lost to society.'"

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