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If you love or hate math, do you think the way it was taught has anything to do with that?

I'm doing an English paper on the attitudes of people in relation to mathematics, and of course I want to get opinions from all sides of the issue.

This question is asking both lovers and haters of math to respond, and is dealing with the way the math is taught.

So no matter if you love or hate, do you think that the way it was taught to you had a lot to do with your love/hate of math?

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    I've always done well in math and always enjoyed it. However, on those occasions (twice in College) when I had what I would call very bad teachers I definately disliked the subject but not to the point of swearing it off entirely. In fact I still enjoyed tutoring kids in math I just disliked the fact that there was a teacher that could mess up math for someone that was good in it and liked it. So I would say the way people are taught definately has an implact on thier like/dislike of math. Over a lifetime of schooling I had two bad experiences and both times I recovered took more math and enjoyed it. To this day I enjoy the occasional educational math problem.

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    Generally, I'd say yes. A bad teacher will certainly give you a bad impression of a subject.

    But, at least in the US, you take a math class every year in elementary school, and usually have a new teacher. In other words, most kids get lots of opportunities to give math "another try" if the previous teacher didn't inspire them.

    Then again, for some people, it only takes one bad experience to dislike something forever, and no amount of seeing things in a new light will change that.

    So I'd say, first and foremost, it has to do with the person's personality, but the way it's taught can change that.

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    Maths was always my favourite subject and I was relatively good at it. So when we were set exercises in class I always finished first and had time to look around the class. This went on for the 5 years in school.

    During this time I noticed that different people attuned to different teachers. If the teacher was compassionate with the slower students, those students responded but it was usually too late. If you were doing 4th year maths you had to use what you had learnt in the 2nd and 3rd year, no matter how good the 4th year teacher was. It was a pity that the compassionate teachers cannot be in the first years to give the slower guys a bit of confidence.

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    Motivation to learn, which would fall under way taught plays huge role. For some to get good grades works; for others being shown the logic behind math; for other being shown practical applications in the world. In my opinion better teacher make effort to convey last two reasons, and poorer ones just use grades.

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    the teaching has nothing to do with ones interest in a subject.

    although in the early stages if it is not taught in the correct manner, the basics r not cleared the student will never feel confident in the subject n will gradually start hating the subject.

    n i love maths 4 ur information

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    Yaa.. i'm a math lover, but 11 years ago i really hate math until i get an interesting math teacher..

    So, the way that math was thought really influence the likeness of math..

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    I HATE math. There is nothing about the stuff I like. I hate geometry the most. I think for me, it was the way it was taught. Only once, in 8th grade did I halfway get geometry. For me, math is one of those things that the teacher needs to bring life to because let's face it, numbers can be boring. It's especially hard for those of us who are more creative and less anylitcal.

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    Most definitely it does. Before I retired as a mathematics teacher I knew several who didn't particularly like the subject themselves. I'm sure that to some extent this put off students, perhaps not those that were really good but those less sure of themselves.

    On the other hand, if you were lucky enough to have been a student of mine . . . .

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    Yes,I really agree to that. Psychologically, students who think that my maths teacher is not good or he/she is not teaching well ,will begin to hate maths. I was once given advice by my uncle to love my maths teacher to study maths well, which was once a difficult subject for me, but now I love my maths teacher as well as the subject.

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    I continually had somewhat difficulty with math, and a number of it grow to be through the way it grow to be taught, and a number of it wasn't. In 4th grade, after we were getting to be conscious of branch, the instructor grow to be practise some new way of doing it, and for the existence of me i could not get it. He couldn't clarify it in a way that i might want to get it, so i began hating it. Then sometime even as he grow to be out, a replace taught the lesson. something interior the way she presented it clicked, and that i under no circumstances had yet another difficulty with branch. In severe college, I had to take algebra and trigonometry for faculty prep. the instructor grow to be historic, and extremely shouldn't were practise anymore. i'm no longer even certain he understood what he grow to be practise. He study accurate out of the textbook, observe for observe. If all people ever requested a question, he'd reply, "that's accurate right here interior the e book. i don't be conscious of what you do not comprehend." I were given through through the floor of my tooth. In college, I had to take a math direction that lined algebra and trig. That professor grow to be so thorough in his practise that I were given immediately A's and placed out of the perfect. i'm nevertheless no longer a large fan of math, yet for the most section, i imagine that is a lot interior of how that's taught (or no longer taught) that concerns. sturdy success on your paper. BTW, I wrote a poem about math classification even as i grow to be in college. I want i might want to discover it so i might want to placed it on right here for you. If i can discover it per chance i will digital mail it to you. :)

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