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16 year old girl with relationship problems?

i'm a 16 year old girl. compared to most people my age, i've NEVER had any real, actual relationship experience. i've never had an actual boyfriend. never been kissed, and the such. sometimes when people around me talk about their ex's or boyfriends/girlfriends and experiences, i feel like an outsider. sometimes even embarassed. there's actually been plenty of guys who've crushed on me. but for some reason, all of them never came out to me and told me/ asked me out. i feel quite confident about my appearance, and usually i'm an open and lively person. but

what is wrong with me? :'(

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    You are special not many girls are as pure as you are.Please keep it up and only allow your husband to kiss you.Boys dont come to you because they see you as girl that does not flirt.The man who will come to you will be one who does not want to flirt but settle down with you.Please wait for him dont cheapen yourself to the loose guys.Maintain your purity

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    There is nothing wrong with you! Maybe these guys respect you and are nervous to ask you out, where some of the other girls are teases and are easyt o ask out because they are known to make-out on their dates. I had my first date when I was 17 and I didn't have a real boyfriend until I was 19. I had no problem with that. I liked just hanging out with a group of guys and girls. I was more nervous on one-on-one dates. I never liked having a guy give me all his attention. It was more fun with a group. But that's me.

    There's nothing wrong with being 16 and not having a boyfriend. If you start having boyfriends at a young age, you go through many guys in your teens and go thru some heart breaks. If you aren't nervous about asking a guy out on a date, you can make that first move and make it less nerveracking for the guy. Some guys like a strong lady.

    Good luck! and happy hunting :)

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    Your young and it sounds like your confidence could be overwhelming for guys around you. But not to worry. Dont be in a hurry to have a relationship, which can be easier said than done. Be prepared to get to know yourself as this is a good time for it and what you want in a relationship and dont be prepared for second best. Not always do people in relationships look after themselves, sometimes they think the only way they will get a guy is if they do what he wants, i wouldnt want that to happen to you.

    The kissing and stuff will probably come at right time, it started at the beginning of civilisation and it probably wont stop with you.

    I personally reckon that being a christian(born again, baptised, having a relationship with God) and getting help from God on your future partner is a good idea. He can help you to avoid pitfalls in your future.

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    If you think about it, it takes a guy a lot of guts to go up and ask a girl out, especially with peer pressure and all. So if lively and outgoing or if you hang around your girl friends all the time, this might intimidate the guys who are interested. A guy will more likely ask a girl out when she is alone or quiet rather than one who he sees has confidence or is outspoken. Guys like to have control or dominence, its in their genetic makeup. You can help the situation by meeting the guy half-way. Give him opportunities to ask, make long I reassuring eye contact. Through my experience I found that the older you get, meaning went you get to college guys have more confidence to approach you.

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    Don't worry about it.

    I don't know what your post-high school plans are, but if you're going to college or entering the workforce, you'll see how many guys are out there. The bf/gf high school drama is really stupid, believe me.

    And about your looks, it awesome that you are confident! Not many people can say that about themselves! Guys may be intimidated by your looks... I know of a few people who are in a similar situation. They are absolutely gorgeous but think they're ugly because guys won't ask them out, but it's just because the guys are too intimidated by the girls' beauty.

    Once you get into the adult world, things will fall into place.

    Best of luck!

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    This is perfectly natural, don't think there is anything wrong with you. Many people across the globe have situations similar to this. I wouldn't see it as a problem, but rather as just you not having experience in the area. However, I'm sure you have done things other people haven't, right? Nothing to worry about in my opinion.

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    Nothing is wrong with you.

    There's no reason to HAVE to be so experienced!

    I've actually found myself jealous lately of friends who, (for cultural reasons in their case, or now that I think on it, friends who just haven't had it come up) aren't as "experienced" as me.

    I wish I could take half of it back, but I can't, so I have to deal.

    Take your time, and find something that just feels right for you. Now or in five years; it doesn't matter. The important thing is to enjoy life and varied friendships and not put undue pressure on yourself.

    Good luck, have fun.. And don't stress!

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    there's nothing with you girl. You are a very normal young lady with the potential of having a good relationship someday. Don't rush. I was once like you but now at 25, I am very happy with my first boyfriend of many years.

    Don't envy exes because it means, one can't handle well the relationship.

    Cheer up and let love find you. ^^

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    nothing is wrong with u. u r just those quite confident type of girls by look before whom guys generally think before approaching. And guys who had crush on u might be very shy.

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    You do not need to be embaraced.

    Relationship is not a thing that everyone has to have. Like a new cellphone to be proud of.

    Do not try to reach that experience on purpose, it may hurt you, or you will get not the thing you await to.

    Just be yourself, eventually you will find someone you will really like. Or who will really like you.

    It may be one of your normal friends.

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