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If BMW's are so "solid" and great why do they spend half the time at the mechanic?

I have a 87 325is and about to purchase a 02 330ci

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    I maintain my BMW cars on my own and see mechanic when a car goes down. I own 3 BMWs (735, 528e, 535i) and had to see mechanic only once(crank sensor problem).

    It is not the car. The proper answer is that the most people have no idea how to maintain cars. 325is comes with 6 cylinder baby 6 eta engine. When properly maintained, that engine can last up to 400K miles.

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    I've autocrossed a 1990 325 off and on for the last year. My father raced it occasionally the year before. We bought it from a fellow autocrosser. Along with being autocrossed, it is a daily driver. The only problem we've had with the car is a computer error, which resulted in the check light coming on. My Father raced a E36 325is at the Miller Motorsports Park, along with autocrossing it, for almost a year and a half, before he had any problems. It took less then a day to replace the engine mount. If you maintain your BMWs properly they are near bulletproof. I think you might just have bad luck.

    If you are inconsolably upset that your car spends so much time in the shop, I suggest finding a different mechanic, or taking an auto mechanics course or two at the local community college and doing the repairs yourself.

    Good luck with your BMWs in the future.

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    I've owned 12 BMWs since I started driving 16 years ago.

    (3-Series, 5-Series, 7-Series, and a Z3)

    Mechanically they have all been solid and have spent less time in the shop than any other cars I've owned.

    For the most part, the maintenance or trouble seen is due to the owner. Driving style, upkeep, etc. BMWs are fast, sporty cars. Unfortunately many spend so much time in the shop because of the way they are driven and maintained by their owners.

    I currently own a 2001 740i and a 2001 Z3. The only time either one has spent in the shop (since i bought them new in 2001) has been for an Oil Change or for the Inspection I Service. Never had the slightest mechanical or electrical problem with either one.

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    You can't compare a modern BMW to some 1980s beater that's had 12 owners and 200,000 miles and no doubt lots of incompetent monkeys trying to fix it.

    My opinion is that the greatest weakness of modern BMWs is German electrical componentry. Why a German black box can't work as well as a Japanese black box is a mystery.

    The combination of electrical glitches, added to the overwhelming complexity of modern cars, can make tracking down an electrical malfunction an arduous process for the modern mechanic.

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  • All the German car manufacturers have been late or unwilling to adopt the Japanese quality techniques that GM and Ford have embraced. I don't know if it is German arrogance or what, but Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW all do far worst in quality rankings than Cadillac or Buick, and even get beaten by Chevy.

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    Because they are pices of crap. The Lexus and Infiniti are much better cars according to consumer reports. Consumer reports only rates 2 BMW's good, the 3-series and the Z-3/Z-4

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    well the truth is they are not so solid. their reliability like any other european car is at best average. the japanese have got them beat. the only thing they have is status. on a parallel note u have to love the hyundai commercial being compared to the landrover. it outhandles it but doesnt have as many cupholders etc. bmw's put out some serious HP and have great styling, but...

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    i have a 04 330ci, i have no probelm with it

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