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Is it human nature to complain about those who are less "perfect" while avoiding those who are more "perfect"?

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    I would say that's the nature of unawakened spirits.

    Awakened spirits are compassionate with those "less perfect" and humble enough to learn from the "more perfect" ones

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    The social world, however, because it embodies teleology or purposiveness, often works from the 'top down'. The 'higher' levels often influence the workings of the 'lower' ones. Consciousness shapes the workings of 'lower' cognitive functions. Individual behaviour is often driven by will and purpose. Social and historical forces can determine the way in which individuals think or behave. Humans make history, but in the process history helps remake the kind of humans that we are.

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    Everyone is perfect. Everyone is perfectly what they are given their experiences and their thoughts and feelings about their experiences.

    Their actions however could be kinder, yet that doesn't detract from their own personal perfection.

    This is an expression of the 'high end' concept of what is perfect of course. For most people 'perfection' is something more primitive.

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    More like a personality flaw that makes one imperfect.

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