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Im 21 years old, and I just found out im pregnant. I was about to start college, but now I can't. I am not ready to have a child yet because I am not financially stable yet and I want my child to grow up in a comfortable setting. What should I do? My boyfriend is not ready either until we both get on or feet. Help?

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    theres no reason you cant carry a baby and not go to college. Pregnancy wont stop you from learning. If you dont want to raise the baby, opt for adoption. If you want to get less personal then you can think of it in terms of the money from the adoption will pay for college! Some adoption programs will pay for all of your pre-natal expense and hospital stay. Also this will give you the opportunity to decide if you reeeeealy want to give up your offspring or not. Dont make a hasty choice. The baby is not at fault for you and the boyfriends little mistake.

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    Hey there-

    The best option for you would possibly be adoption... Give that little baby a home where he/she can grow up with lots of love and support.. It's the best thing any mother thats not ready yet for a child could do!

    I had a baby at 16 and with the help of my mom and my family made it to where I am today. Is there someone that could help you out as far as babysitting or something so that you can go to college.. Also that state offers alot of help tooo!!

    i wish you the Best of Luck with your choice!

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    I am 22 and I have two children. I will be starting college in a week. There is no reason that you can't be in school while pregnant. If you don't want to raise a child, you can put them up for adoption. This is a good option for everyone, you could even still be involved in your childs life if you wanted!

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    If u arn't ready and don't think that u can take care of the baby properly then u should think about adoption. Lots of people want to be parents can't have kids of their own and would be delighted to take your baby in and love and care for them the way that they deserve. Think long and hard tho because it's a huge decision and u will never get the years back with your baby if u one day change your mind. A mothers connection to her baby is very strong and it's not like giving a puppy away it will hurt and haunt u later in life. I am personally against abortion, u shouldn't play the game if u arn't prepared to take care of the consequences.

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    have the child and and after that if you feel you are not ready to raise a child choose an open adoption this way the child can know who you are and you can still go to college

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    There is no reason to give up on school and If every one waited till they could afford kids there wouldn't be many in the world so take a deep breath and just relax a little you can make this work out if you try good luck

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    You can look into Adoption. There are alot of people that want a child but can't have them that would happily adopt. I would just rather tell you Adoption then Abortion since Im highly against it.

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    There are many options. Many depend on your religious upbringing.

    But I'm a fan of adoption. You can still go to school and you and your boyfriend don't need to get married. Agencies are always looking for young healthy donors and many have health plans and counceling to help you.

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    look like you need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions!!!

    use protection next time!!!!

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