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If I add my girlfriends name as an authorized user does my 7 years of perfect payments attach to her credit?

Will her credit report show the same payment history as the account on my report? Thus extending her credit history and raising her score.

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    And now for the correct answer.

    Yes your credit history will show up on your girlfriend credit.

    Under the creditors name A will appear which shows anyone who looks at her credit that she is a authorized user.

    I was a authorized user on my Moms Discover card for over 15-years and her history showed up on my credit.

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    The correct answer is no, but I wouldn't concern myself AT ALL with the credit score. It doesn't matter. I would not get into the debt trap. Accumulate a small emergency fund, and pay cash for everything, except a mortgage. It will take a little longer to get things, but that's all they are, things. You will be much better off in the future.

    Listen to Dave Ramsey for extremely sound financial advice. I am a CPA and 100% agree with his philosophy and it works in the real world.

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    No. As an authorized user, she has no responsibility for the payments. The credit is only attached to her name if she is a joint account holder. You should get a credit card in her name under her social security # to establish her credit. You can be a joint account holder to get her approved.

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    It all depends on the way the card company reports to the bureaus. Your past history will not attach, but the current payment history might. You should call your company and see how they report to the 3 bureaus.

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    It should, as long as you're keeping the balance managable, no lates or overlimit. You may have to make sure that it reports on her credit. If you were married, by law they would have to report it. But usually it takes about a month or so, maybe two in order for it to start reporting

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    What you need to be worried about... is if she runs up the bill, then cant pay it... Then the BAD credit follows YOU, AND you are liable for the debt, regardless of whether you did the carging or not.

    Adding a "friend" or an adult sibling, etc etc to your credit cards is 99999 times out of 100,000 a VERY VERY VERY BAD idea.

    You are the primary cardholder, the credit..good or bad will follow YOU.

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    Yes - it will help her. It increases the amount of available credit and if you continue to make timely payments - it will improve her score over time.

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    My best advice is by experience adding my boyfriend, whose credit was horrible...without me he could not buy a used car.

    Now with him, (I have removed him) I came close to having everything good I have done, and paid for in my life, swept under the carpet. I suggest you love her, smile a lot and keep your credit card to yourself..: )

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    properly, by using potential of me working at American show--i could desire to respond to that. in case you have a secondary card holder & in accordance with what sort of card you have, (value or line of credit) it could desire to. completely online of credit by using fact out of the shrink this is given to you, say in line with occasion, $one thousand. in case you pass above 30% that's over $3 hundred, it impacts your score. Brings it down. Amex value card does not impact your score till you pass late over ninety days. So in case you pay it off in finished, no longer something will ensue & it will pass up. yet in basic terms a authorized person is nearly like a supervisor you takes take of you once you won't be able to shelter some thing on the cardboard & it won't impact you score. All celebrities have a authorized account manger(AAM) or authorized agent(AA). commonly the (AAM) has as lots means as you have on the cardboard exept to cancel the account itself. So i could be extraordinarily picky to who has that means. (AA) can in basic terms know information approximately you card like, stability due & stuff like that. it could artwork distinctive for different companies yet that's the way it somewhat works at AMEX. & on your 2d section question, No! it won't impact the authorized person's credit for squat!!! You gotta have a small stability on the cardboard however. shop it under 30% & that will develop you score. maximum mandatory, pay on time!! if he has secondary card & runs up the cardboard, it is going to easily impact you. Your the accepted & it comments decrease than your social. till you supply a tax identity from you corporation.

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    No....it doesn't work that way.

    The clock starts when her transactions are reported.

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