How does Buddhist belief in the afterlife influence their life here and now?

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    It depends on what branch of Buddhism you belong to. The traditional Asian Buddhist in Vietnam or Thailand is very concerned with acts that give good karma for an advantageous next life. Zen practitioners are unconcerned about this. So it all depends. The very core belief in Buddhism is to do no harm to other beings, so this would influence everyone who professes Buddhism.

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    Even if you body dies your consiciouness -which is a sort of energy that drives are actions- will continue and in relation to the mental, verbal and physical acts you did in this life, you will find rebirth. Every kind of energy has a direction. By the acts in this life you create the direction for you rebirth

    I can give an example. If there is a burning candle. If the candel is almost finished you can ligth a new candle with the last flame of the previous one. So the new candle is not the same candle, but it is also not total different.

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    First off most Buddhist prepare for the afterlife by doing their own homework.

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    The only thing that influences the Buddhists experience of the here and now is TOTAL AWARENESS of the immanent. There is no 'afterlife' for the individual. 'Nirvana' is a state to be realised while you're alive. It is salvation/liberation/Mukti.

    Source(s): Vedic (original) Buddhism
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    Facing the truth.

    The Buddha taught that the human tendency is to avoid the difficult truths of life and this in turn leads to suffering. By enabling the mind to be at peace through meditation a human being can confront reality and overcome hatred and craving.

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    It encourages people (Buddhists) to learn and understand more about the teachings of the Buddha and putting knowledge into practice. This will help lessen the burden of karma and also aide one into the realisation of the path.

    Knowing about the cause and effect helps people to change for the better. It is not out of fear or whatsoever, it come along with wisdom and realisation as the knowledge of fear is something changable and one may realise that the 'fear' is more artificial rather than the experience or realisation of reality itself.

    The understanding of rebirth helps one to be at present and understand the nature of reality better, and waste lesser time on unecessary actions which do not bring benefit to one's mental cultivation.

    Hope this helps...

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    we try to lead simple lives.both hate AND attachment are worldly we try to avoid drastic emotions.we try to be peaceful as much as possible.Buddha taught us the middla pathway-starving oneself is not good,but neither is over eating.lack of sleep is not good,neither is sleeping too much and becoming lazy.

    we must try to give to others as much as possible.this will help us get rid of our attachments to our material possessions.

    and a true Buddhist (a lay person-a monk has more ethical rules to stick to) will stick to these basic 5 precepts:

    *i shall refrain from killing (this includes all creatures,not just human-every small creature such as ants and even mosquitoes)

    *i shall refrain from stealing

    *i shall refrain from sexual misconduct

    *i shall refrain from telling untruths

    *i shall refrain from intoxicants (alcohol,drugs etc)

    but this doesn't mean that we do not work hard to achieve our goals.determination and an open mind ready to investigate and analyse are what Buddha taught us.

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    I guess you are more aware that you actually reap in your next life what you sow in this life, hence you look after your actions, words and thoughts. Goes around, comes around is also applicable to each existance, till you are able of escaping the Samsara.

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    As other religion, people , who truly believes in Buddha's teaching, will try to live in harmony with everything and try to not commit sin as much as possible. They also try to do as much charity as they can... For the ones who want to go to Heaven and Nirvana, they will try to be free from sin and desires; they will do much more good deeds...

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    They strive to be perfect to achieve Nirvana.

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