The best headphones without ruining my ears?

I've been trying to break away from in-ear noise cancelling headphones and bud headphones because of the talk about them ruining your hearing. I'm looking for good quality over-the-head or ear clip (but preferably over-the-head) headphones that are good quality (meaning they won't go out in one ear like most pf my other headphones) and won't cost me an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?

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    Recent studies have found that the over-the-ear headphones are safer for your ears than traditional earbuds. Also, getting sound-isolating earbuds or headphones will reduce how much you have to turn up the volume.

  • givan
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    4 years ago

    nah, no longer your comp bro my first guess is that you overdo the bass or the treble. sturdy headphones have 3 outputs, a medium, a subwoofer, and a tweeter. the med's deal with the final output, and the woofer and tweeter deal with the low frequency and severe frequency sounds, respectively. too a lot bass splits the woofer interior the midsection and too a lot treble makes the tweets pop. initiate listening to the audio equipment on your pals vehicles even as the quantity is up, youll listen a nasty fuzz over each and every thing if theyve blown out a tweet or woofer. so no, particularly a lot the answer for it being the laptop are slender to 0 ******* % none. the perfect ipod doesnt have a sliver of the processing speed your base form laptop does, so till we are conversing like 15 years previous then the sound card on your laptop/app will be sturdy sufficient to handle it. in precis: no, it isn't the laptop. attempt adjusting the bass or treble (study: make it decrease). placed your **** on the medium factor you play it on and artwork the equalizer from there. headphones are particularly a lot under no circumstances the wrongdoer.

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    Well try the over the head wireless headphones, in that case both will work properly or both will go dead. Try finding good ones over the net or local shopping centres. Theyll be a little costly but worth the price.

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    Koss cost about 20 dollars. Great sound.

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    it's not so much the earphones, it's the volume. higher volume destroys hearing. whatever earphone you decide on, keep the volume as far down as you can.

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