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i miss my friend soo much..what i should do?

i love my friends so much..she's everything to me.i niss her,but when i'm sending her a message,she's too busy with her own life..we can't really see each other because of the distance,,..what i should do to let her know that i miss her for real..not just from mouth but from me pleasz

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    Try sending her a letter or card. Sometimes getting something handmade {or handwritten} means more than just picking up the phone or typing an e-mail.

    You need to understand that she probably misses you too, but she is trying to deal with it by keeping busy. You can still keep in touch, but try to do other things so you don't dwell on it constantly.

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    Write her a letter or an email.

    In this letter ask her what she is up to, if she wants to do something sometime. Make sure you set a date and set it far enough in advance that she will be able to change plans or “pencil” you in to her busy schedule.

    Set an exact date like:

    On 5/14/2007 I would like for you to join me for coffee at La Bistros on 37th St.

    Just remember not to beg or be annoying. I’m sure you are very emotional about missing her but if you are annoying she wont want to visit with you.

    Just be yourself and when you can set a time and date to meet with her just let her know how much you miss hanging out with her and that you two should do this more often.

    On the flip side too just remember that people change and sometimes our lives take us on other directions. People grow apart. I know many instances in my life where my best friends in high school I haven’t spoken to in five years.

    One important thing in life is the making of friends and gaining wisdom from the experiences we share in these relationships.

    I wish you the best!

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    1. Write a letter - handwritten, I mean

    2. Send a fax

    3. Call on the phone

    4. Make a trip and visit her

    5. Arrange for a video conference

    6. ...or send a self taped video

    7. Record a audio tape and sent her

    8. Send a SMS

    9. Send a telegram

    10. Send flowers and a letter by messenger

    11. Learn to spell

    12. Write another handwritten letter, this time without spelling mistakes

    13. Page her

    14. Send her a ticket to visit you

    15. If all fails, move on, she doesn't care....

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    Wow!! I know this is a really hard one. Did you have to leave? Is there a possibility that you can move back if you are really young and so is she maybe both of your parents can get involved. So that you can stay with them and she can stay with you. Sort of like a foreign exchange.

    But if your friend is not as attached as you that will be a problem.

    Wow!!! I really feel for you but something will give, especially if the both of you really want to be together.

    No matter what still keep in touch!!! Good friends are hard to come by.

    Best wishes

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    send a card or flowers

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    you know what, i have the same problem...i just tryed to stop thinkin about them, and carry on with my life! i look at pictures just to see their face again! coz i definitly cant forget about them!!

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    send her a card.........but sometimes the best friend, is the one who knows how to let go.

    theres a old song that gos

    hold on loose...but don't let go....

    if you cling to tight.......your going to loose control.....

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    I'm sure she knows...

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