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Changing my tires....should I do it seperatly?

Ok, I need new tires, 3 to be exact. They cost over 100 for the installation and the tire its self...each. So I was wondering would it be a bad idea to get them done one at a time. (One every week) Would I need to get an alignment every time I go in to get the new one? I mean, just so my car can be leveled out? Not sure, don’t know how this works, all I know is that I need them and I need them bad.

P.S. The tires are $98.00 plus $18.00 installation..... Do you think that is worth it?

**I have a Dodge Neon, 00'

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    all tires must be changed at the same time. otherwise it can be dangerous and cars traction will change a careful please..

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    man i have lots of questions for you. 100 each for tires on a neon?? What are you buying?? They gold plated? They should be about 275 for 4 including alignment. What size are the tires? What make and model of tire are you looking at? Where are you that maybe I could direct you to decent vendor? Yea you could get them done all at the same time or different times. Some places offer on the spot credit and if you pay it off in 90 days there is no interest charges. What I would do is get two new fronts and the alignment at the same time. Then put the to two best old tires on the back. In a few months when you can go back and have two more new tires put on the car. This way they will all match. Save the best as a spare tire in case you bounse off a curb and get a blow out. I always keep at least 1 un mounted tire in my garage. If you traveled 5000 miles or more have the new set installed on the front again. Look at how the tires you put on prior are wearing to see if another alignment is necessary. It is always smart to put matched tires on the front of a front wheel drive car as well as install the newest set up front as well. All your cars power and steering is in the front. The back is just along for the ride. If you have a Pep- Boys in town check them out. They have some of the best tire prices around. If you want to email mail me with the answers to what I asked maybe I can point you in the right direction

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    if you need three then you are probably close to needing four unless you just recently got one new one. if you can only afford to buy one a week over the next three weeks then you will be ok unless you are planning some very long trips on the weekends in between. But if your ties are in really bad shape then maybe the safest thing to do is to try to borrow the money to get all at once and then pay it back over the next three weeks.

    $98 a tire is a little expensive but not too far out of the norm. Depends on what brand and the guarranteed mileage you are getting. There are cheaper tires with 40,000 mile guarrantees. It all depends on how much longer you expect to keep your car.

    As far as the alignment issue goes if your car really needs it get it done but after that you will not have to have it done each time you get a new tire so don't let any salesman or repair man try to tell you that.

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    you should always change tires as a set.. best is all 4 at once so that you have even tread wear when you rotate them..

    If you are able to afford to do them one a week.. then

    1. use a credit card and just pay it off at the end of the month.

    2. use store credit.

    3. by two now and two in two weeks... Most peoples driving habits won't have much effect this way.

    This depends on what size tires you are buying of course.

    unless you are making radical changes #3 should work well for you.

    Also: why only 3? and not all 4 and if the other three will be a mtch for the good one you have and how long has it been on your car.


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    unless that 4th tire is new, as in less than 5,000 miles on it, then you will want to replace all 4 at once. as having off aged tires, specially in 3:1 ratio can seriously effect how the car rides and travels.

    it would be best to save up the cash, and have all 4 done at once. if they are super bad, do 2 at a time and have the best 2 old ones put on the rear and new on the front, since this is a front wheel drive car. then next payday, do the 2 rears.

    tires are always changed out in pairs, never singles or 3's. if you have a full size spare, or want to create one, now would be the time to take the 4th tire you didn't want to replace and make it the spare. if you only have the donut rim, you can find a used rim pretty cheap at a local junk yard. doesn't have to be pretty or even match, as it is just a spare.

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    You can find lower cost tires at places like Tread Quarters, WITH mounting and around using the yellow pages, you may find a "special" going on too...

    No, you do not need to get an alignment every time you mount a tire, but once every couple years would be good...

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    first of all if it's a front wheel drive so the front tires should be changed at the same time and aligned. depending how bad the tread is on the back tires i wouldn't change them. but if you did makes sure you change all four at the same time. "Common Sense" is not common. I would do it all myself thought that is just me.

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    I'd recommend trying to have the front tires changed first and at the same time if you possibly can.

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    US? go to WalMart, if you buy their tires they'll do free installation.

    It's best to get them all done at once as you'll get even wear, plus it's just less hassle. Oh and no, it wouldn't mess up allignment if you changed them one at a time. Good Luck.

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    You can do 2 at a time quite safely.

    (fronts or backs, not left side or right side)

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