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assume i know nothing about western songs or rather not interested in them?

which song wud u make me listen to if u want to make me a wester music addict?? using 'western' cus im an east indian..(i want to download some really nice english songs)

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    Sitar always reminds me of Banjo music, so Dueling Banjos.

    Then again I hate both banjos and sitars.

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    well, it depends on what kind of music you would prefer if you were willing to take my advice... if you prefer slow, love songs, you may want to try "i just called to say i love you",(im not too sure who its by...) or "everything i do (i do it for you)" by bryan adams, or if you want a song with good words, try "Stay" by 12 stones; if you just want a funny song, try wierd Al Yankovic's parodies... or you could try "I Want To Grow Old With You" by adam sandler; and if you want something not so soft, try songs by system of a down, blink 182 (some of their songs such as "adam's song" are very good), linkin park, limpbizkit (behind blue eyes, by them, is pretty good as well), etc.

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    well i really wouldn't make u listen if u didnt want to.. but... :) well... probably some 3 days grace's pain or what i've done b linkin park.. or home by daughtry...or go by hanson or stickwitu by pcd..

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