am a grl aged 19.i fnd it realy hard 2 open up 2 guys.& iv bin single 4 so can let guyz know i lik em

coz most guys think that i just wana be their mate.but i want to be much more than that to how do i tell them?? please help me...

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    1 decade ago
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    Well first, dont put yourself out there as a sl ut (if you do), Im 19 as well and ive been through similar **** with ex girlfriends. What you need to do, is to see if he is interested in you because of your body or your mind. I assume your pretty since you have guys after you. If you nab that guy, hold out on sex, if that is the ONLY thing he talks about then he just wants you intimately, but if u have conversations and fun then it isnt, but wait a little, and see what happens, just dont wait too long. I hate to intrude but do you have myspace? in your reply put your url and ill stop by and say hi and ill help with any other further questions.

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