X-ray's, CAT scans, MRI's?

Who owns these scans if they are charged to the insurance company?

I've had different doctors write prescriptions for them but one of the doctors kept them. Should they go with the patient because of the need of future care? The first thing a new doctor ask's is to see these and patients have to run around like crazy to get them.

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    Insurance companies pay for the service, not the actual x-rays. By law, an imaging facility has to keep the actual x-rays for 7 years. You are allowed to "check out" your x-rays and take them to your physician, but they are supposed to be returned to the actual facility. Most general practitioners don't want to see the images....they just want a report. Remember, the radiologist, employed at the imaging facility or department is the expert in reading films.

    "Do x-ray films belong to me?

    No, just like any other medical records, diagnostic films and tracings belong to the physician's office or facility where they were made. The fees you paid for the x-rays or other diagnostic imaging were for the expertise, equipment, and supplies to take the images and diagnose them. You have a right to obtain copies of your films if you make a written request that they be provided directly to you and not to anyone else. The physician can charge you the actual cost of making the copies of the films."


    This site has input from doctor's regarding your question:


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    I believe the tests actually belong to the hospital and the insurance company is billed for the costs of preforming the tests. They are kept on file at the hospital/center that took the pictures. Physicians may get reports or you may pick up copies from the hospital, but the originals always stay at the hospital. You can ask your physician to forward the copies he kept to the next practitioner.

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    Xray makes use of radiation to take a unmarried view, very like a digicam takes a unmarried view. A Cat experiment take dissimilar images from diverse angles, the a pc take the dissimilar images and makes a three dimensional image. A MRI makes use of magnetism to take the picture instead of xrays.

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    they are some what the same

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