what kind of adaptor should i get?

i have a netgear adaptor WPNT121. it seems like several times a day my laptop will shut down on me with a blue screen saying some stuff. i cant what it is because it shuts my computer down fast. it says something about a device driver. i just started using my netgear adaptor. i am not sure if that is the problem or what but that is the only thing i have done to my laptop for awhile. if i need to get a new one please give me your opinion.d

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That's a router. It has nothing to do with your computer crashing. Check what devices are connected to the computer. This happens to some computers if you connect a flash drive while the computer is on. First connect all devices and then turn the computer on.

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    The computer will do a memory dump when you encounter a blue screen. Figure out where it writes that file (I think it is called dumprep.XXX) and checkout the file in safe mode.

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