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Survey about eye colour plz answer???????

1) what colour are your eye's

2) what colour are your parents eye's

3) do you believe the most dominaint colour is the one a child gets.....................

they reckon if a parent has brown eye's then so will any children born to them, but I know someone who has brown eye's and bot his kids have blue eye's..............


they say the fathers gene's deicde the eye colour my dad had blue eye's my mum has green I have blue my brother has kids have blue so did their dad

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    I would read up on Punnett squares.

    See you have two different alleles for every single one of your traits. One is from your mom, the other from your father.

    Dark eyes are dominant, light eyes are recessive.

    Let's say your mom and dad both have brown eyes.

    BUT if both parents are also carriers of the recessive blue eyed allele, then there is a

    25% chance their child will be brown eyed with NO recessive alleles,

    a 50% chance the child will be brown eyed WITH the recessive allele

    and a 25% chance the child will have blue eyes.

    It's rather simple...Punnett squares...they are fun.

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    My eyes are green, my dad had the most beautiful blue eyes, and my mom had hazel eyes. My children have brown eyes and their father had green, so I don't know about the dominant color. If brown eyes are a dominant form of green, then I guess it's possible. Have a great day! Annie

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    both my parents and i have blue eyes, but grandparents is 1 x hazel, 1 x blue & 2 x hazel.

    brown is normally the dominant colour but it also depends on genetics and which gene comes out during conception. i.e. my mum is a redhead with blue eyes but one of her sisters has black hair and brown eyes and are full sisters (not half).

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    I'm not trying to be a smart a** but you need to learn a bit about dominant and recessive gene traits. Maybe this brief explanation will help:

    Often, one gene (the dominant one) will effectively shut out the instructions from the other, recessive gene. For example, if a person has one gene for blue eyes from one parent and one for brown from the other parent, that person will always have brown eyes because brown eyes are the dominant trait. For a person to have blue eyes, both their genes must be blue (recessive). Odd as it sounds, it’s much more common for brown-eyed parents to have blue-eyed children than for blue-eyed parents to have brown-eyed children. So, it's a matter of dominant and recessive gene traits--which have no correlation to a person's sex or the order of their children, etc., and a "father" ALONE does not determine the child's eye color.

    P.S. -- I have brown eyes and so does my husband. Both sets of our parents had brown eyes while one or more relatives on both sides had the recessive gene for blue eyes. That said, all three of our children have, guessed it, blue eyes!

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    1) Brown

    2) father has yellow, mother has brown.

    3) from personal experience, i believe that a mother w/ brown eyes is always predominant over her sons eye color, but not her daughters. i have a boy w/ someone who has blue eyes, and my child has brown. i also have many family members, where the women have 2 or three kids, and the girls get their eyes from either parent, but the boys always have their mothers eyes!

    Source(s): Family experience.
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    my parents both have blue eyes and I have green eyes. The weird thing is that I was born with blue eyes but they changed to a really deep jade green when I was about 20

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    1) Brown with some green in them.

    2) Mother: blue, Father: brown

    3) Brown is dominant. It means that even if both parents have brown eyes, blue is possible in their offspring, provided that they both have a blue gene, in this case recessive.

    (Brown blue) + (Brown blue) could make (blue blue).

    (blue blue) + (blue blue) can't produce a brown-eyed child though!

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    2.moms are brown dads are green

    3. nope I have brown eyes and my husband has blue and we have 2 blue eyed babies and brown is the dominaint colour

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    I have dark brown eyes and my mom has dark brown eyes but my dad has green eyes. Eye color in my family is split. So I can't really telll you which one of my parents carries the dominant genes. Sorry!

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    1. Your gender - F 2. Age - 14 3. Eye color - Blue- Gray 4. Hair Color - Blonde ish 5. Parents eye colors and hair colors (plz include both and indicate which belongs to which) Mom- blue/Brown . Dad- Green/Black 6. Grandparents on both sides eye colors and hair colors. please indicate which belongs to which side and which grandparents. Grandma - Brown/Brown, Grandpa Idk / Black The other ones were dead before I was born :\ 7. Are your earlobes attached to your head or hanging- Hanging 8. Are you short or tall - Middle 9 Do you consider yourself fat or thin or average - Average 10. At what age is your first memory? 3

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