Did you have any unusual or minor symptoms before you went into labor?

Besides the cramps, mucous plug, and the water breaking. I just wanted to know out of curiousity. I'm 39 weeks right now and still waiting for my little one to pop out.

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    1 decade ago
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    hi there. i have an interesting story. three days before my due date i went on a long one hour 4 mile walk with my friend. after the walk we sat on the grass and i couldnt' sit upright because i felt my babies head, round and hard, under myself! it was literally coming out and i could feel it, i had to sit to the side. don't know if this happens to everyone. i went into labor about 54 hours later!

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    i don't have any previous experiences but with this pregnancy...i have a specific date that has been jumping out at me. i had a dream about 2 weeks ago about may 2nd...nothing really happened in the dream but every where i went, i had to ask what the date was. i vividly remember writing may 2nd on a few papers. when i woke up the next morning, i was writing my next ob appt on the calendar (which is may 3rd) and may 2nd is the next full moon!!! i read somewhere that women tend to go into labor by the full moon...i was a little freaked that my mind associated the date with the full moon, but i feel a little at ease knowing it could be as soon as it is. i'm only almost 36 weeks but lets face it.....we're all ready to get these kids out of us! :) just listen to your mind and body...if it throws you something out of the ordinary, examine it. if you don't feel right or something feels TOO right, keep an eye out for that first NORMAL sign that labor is onsetting. good luck hun!! i hope this experience is everything you want it to be!!! if not, at least that cute baby made it all worth while!

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    No physical symptoms, but the second time around, I felt restless, and sensed that the baby would arrive within 24 hours....it only took 12.

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    I couldn't really put my finger on it, but I didn't feel well for about 36 hours before my water broke. I thought maybe I was getting the flu. I was just more achy and tired than usual.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thats funny I just asked a similar question, before i saw yours!! Ill keep an eye on your answers.

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    i have 5 kids.when i think about it,i kinda knew something was going on.womens intuition or something.good luck,kids are a blessing

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