Does anyone know if or where I can purchase a push mower that has a cutting deck larger than 22 inches?

I'm hoping to find a mower larger than 22 inches, but have had no luck. It's possible that I may just have to get a riding mower, but I'm still hoping that a home improvement store would sell one. Maybe a special order could be a solution?

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  • Todd B
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    1 decade ago
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    Once you get past 22 inches, you get into the professional grade machines. I know Toro makes a 26" walk behind mower and it is prices over $1000. Simplicity makes a 34" mower called the Pacer. It is very nice, but is priced at $1999. Simplicity also has a tractor, the Regent, with a 38" deck and priced at $1999. In the long run, a tractor, or small rear engine rider, might be the better choice.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): A servicing Toro, SImplicity, and Snapper dealer.
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    No you can buy a nice 33 inch cut at Sears now. Its not a bad mower Ive checked it out. I own my own landscaping company. I have a similar one with a Kawasaki 9 hp instead of the 10.5 hp Briggs thats on it. The castors on the front make it a great little zero turn. It will cost you less than a grand. You can buy similar ones that will cost you a lot more made for commercial use. This will be great for your own lawn and perhaps a few others to help pay for it. Hope this helps. Have a great day and Peace out....................

    Edit: If youre going to go $1999 Id go with the 36" walk behind Ferris its da shizzle of walk behinds check it out at

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