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Why are liberals unable to back up their insultive claims about our President?

I have, several times, challenged liberals to back up the insults they spew about our President. Accusations, such as, "he lied", and "he started a war for oil", and "he and cheney are making money off the war". I have yet to see a liberal be able, or be willing, to do so.

Why should we take liberals seriously, when they can not back up their allegations?

I have recently started keeping track of email transactions with these liberals:

My favorite, thus far, is the babbling from 'writersblock', which can be seen if you scroll down to the blog started on "Sunday, 29 April 2007"

Does anyone else think it is laughable?



you are right! It was funny, until they poisoned enough minds to win the congressional elections.

Update 2:

I would love for any of you to email me with evidence that he lied. I see many of you quoting him, saying he lied, but you have not shown that it was a lie, or even wrong!

By the way, bush did not 'admit there were no wmd', see my follow up question regarding that.

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    So Bush didn't lie when he said "I will capture Osama Bin Laden dead or alive"?

    Or that "War with Iraq will be my last resort?"

    Or that "Saddam Hussein has tons of WMDs - and I know exactly where they are"!

    Or Mission Accomplished?

    Or - That things are getting better in Iraq?

    Lets face it Chico! You are either in a state of denial or you have your head so far up your rectum that you can not see the light of day!


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    How are we fighting for our lives? The American public isn't asked to sacrifice anything. And, the way the media withholds information, we are so detached from the reality of what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan that it makes it seem that we aren't in a war at all. There are many many Christians that are against this war and were against it from the beginning. Bush is about as Christian as Cheney is Buddhist. We aren't fighting but our troops are. And, for what? Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and terrorism. There's a civil war in Iraq now and we are not going to be able to change that. Even Republicans in the congress are waking up to that fact. I suggest you start waking up and stop drinking the kool aid.

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    It was considered treason back in the good old days to speak against the president during war times, and that was punishable by hanging, because it is a very VERY serious thing to speak untruths about your president and country while trying to fight an enemy. And our present day enemies are the worst in history. They hate our society's immorality (oh thank you so much dems for promoting immorality). So to add to the problem with the views that the terrorists have of our country, they get even more lies fed to them by some of our own citizens!!! Bearing false witness against a person is a sin (see 10 Commandments). But what do libs care about sin? Is it in their vocabulary?

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    I can't help it if you are delusional. That Bush lied to get us into a war of choice, and stole the 2000 election is cause enough to oppose him. Suspending habeas corpus is a violation of the Constitution. We are just beginning to see real oversight as the Bush administration unravels.

    I absolutely do not care if you ever take me seriously. I would not want you to. You won't be laughing much over the next 2 years. The accountability has just started.

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    If he's guilty of the alleged crimes, evidence will surface during the next 18 months of investigations in our government and by the media.

    Otherwise, in time, people will realize he was unjustly accused as you suggest and in 2008 they will express their conclusions at the polls the way they did in 2006. At which point the GOP will be back in power. So why are you worried?

    Cheney isn't making money off the war but Halliburton, the company he once headed as CEO, is making a MINT off it and they've received some no-bid contracts of dubious legality. His relationship with them, while perhaps not technically illegal, appears improper to any rational observer.

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    My favorite ploy that neo-cons make is to find a few wack job liberals that don't have the smarts to back up thier arguements and then proceed to assume that ALL liberals are stupid and can't back up thier claims. This is a logical fallacy and I wish you guys would stop making it. It's like seeing a blue car, and then coming on here to ask why are cars blue? Some are. Plenty are not.

    To answer your question, this liberal doesn't think the war was about oil, I don't think that Bush or Cheney are making money off of it now, and I don't think that Bush lied.. persae.

    HE definately twisted the truth, he picked and chose only that intelligence that fit his agenda and then moved forward with it. He ignored anyone that disagreed with him. The new book out by former CIA director George Tenant is evidance of this.

    People like Rush LImbaugh and Ann Coulter have been caught making up facts plenty of times. They can't back up some of thier arguements so they made up facts to support themselves. That's no better.

  • No matter what they say about Bush and what people believe about the war. He is still the worst president the US could ever have. He ruined our economy, killed thousands of innocent soldiers and keeps killing, he is responsible for their deaths. I can't wait for next year elections, thank god he can't be re-elected. I pray for who ever takes his place because they have a lot of cleaning to do. Bush Sucks!!!

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    While I have issues with the way things have been done, the criticisms that get spewed out are only done to affect the mindless sheople out there that are ready to believe whatever their pop culture icons tell them to believe.

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    Simple. They are lying. It is impossible to produce evidence proving that a lie is true.

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    I feel your frustration, I too have also "pleaded" numerous times for some clarification. The fact is they have none. Their rants are baseless. We must be clear here tho, there is a difference between true liberals, and the FAR-LEFT "Liberals". I call these far-left liberal frauds "Yahoo Liberals". I know for a fact these extremist are in fact paid employees of organizations like and others. George Soros gives millions in donations every year to these far-left causes. Some gullible participants actually fall in to their brain washing campaign. a direct quote from the site stated "We have bought the party ( democrat ) and now it is time to take it back.". I am clear in thought and history, If anyone wishes to side with the lies of the far-left, you then are living in a false reality.

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