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Why are cities like Detroit and washington Dc more dangerous than Iraq?

The odds of an american citizen getting killed are much higher in detroit and dc than it is in Iraq...should we send a troop surge to wipe out the vermin in those cities?

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    I feel safer here in Iraq than I did last summer in Philadelphia! ( although here I have 2 weapons)

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    The odds of an American citizen getting killed are much higher in detroir and dc than they are in Iraq.

    This is an utterly pointless observation and is at the root of the problem surrounding the Middle East.

    The American government couldn't care less about human life, it simply feels that the tendancy of the American populus to complain when thousands of its troops are slaughtered overseas is sufficiently inconvenient to merit public statements to the effect that "life is more dangerous back home than in Iraq". The press is a very good channel for transmitting this misinformation.

    Remove the word "american" from that sentence and you can stop comparing Detroit with Bagdhad immediately. Nearly three quarters of a million people, mostly civilians, have been killed as a result of the US invasion of Iraq. Thousands are blown up every month. The death penalty has been introduced for army deserters and the heavily armed american troops are playing less and less of an active combat role as they push poorly trained iraqi soldiers into situations they're not equipped to handle.

    Comparative to the total population of the country, American presence is minimal therefore statistically, of course one is more likely to be shot in a dangerous town in the US.

    If you believe in these statistics then feel free to take your next holiday in Fallujah.

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    D. C. is not one of the most dangerous cities in the world. That's just silly. We have diplomats and dignitaries from all over the world visiting us on a daily basis. We do have very dangerous neighborhoods, places that nobody wants to visit, especially after dark. But, like so much more in this life, a few individuals without morals, dignity or even the basic brains it takes to come in out of the rain, make life very hard for law abiding citizens. So, I guess the answer is....we're no worse than any other city in the USA. Just a whole lot more visible.

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    (1) Detroit and Washington DC don't have 2 million internally displaced refugees.

    (2) You're not counting the number of Iraqi dead, security forces, civilians, criminals, into your tally.

    (3) Only about 10% of Coalition casualties end up as fatalities. If you count all casualties into your totals, tally it up against total troop numbers, the likelihood of getting shot in Iraq far exceeds that of any American city.

    (4) The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the use of the military in the United States for warfghting.

    If you can't do basic research, don't try to establish a premise.

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    Both cities have extremely strict laws on gun ownership by the law abiding citizens. Of course the criminal elements love that because it gives them free reign with their weaponry.

    Both cities have extremely high poverty rates. Basically meaning that a population that sits around waiting for government hand out to live on rather than going to work has a lot of idle time to kill, killing each other is just a way to pass the time.

    Sorry liberals, you asked for it, you got it!

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    Population of Detroit 886,671 (Us census 2005). Population of Iraq 26,074,906 (July 2005 est.). Now add in the fact that people in Detroit aren't sitting around with RPGs waiting for that perfect moment. Or hiding in buildings with AK47's. Hopefully you can count, I don't want to do the math for you.

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    Be prepared to hear, "but we shouldn't be in iraq!"

    The same people who love to quote death toll numbers in Iraq, will immediately change the subject to avoid realizing it is an unprecedented low death toll in the war, and/or they will call you inhumane for pointing it out. They are hypocritically allowed to quote the number as a bad thing, but you are not allowed to quote the number pointing out it is low for war.

    Source(s): that's what they do to me
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    Iraq is a country, not a city. Is Philly and DC safer than Baghdad? Hell yes!! If you compare apples with apples, you would have a fair question. Bush supporters aren't too smart though.. so you're forgiven.

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    maybe cause theres more americans in Detroit and DC than in Iraq.

    Maybe cause the ones killed in american cities are (mostly) innocent people and thos in Iraq know how to defend themselves.

    MAybe cause americans dont give a damn about what happens to some strata of their population and are much more interested in what happens where they send their military (kinda like a sitcom really)

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    I don't know about Detroit, BUT-- DC is full of liberal politicians--Think there might be a correlation???? USMC 60-68

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