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Is watching George Tenet trying to cover himself and Clinton amusing- seeing as he is getting trampled on?

Nice try George.

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    I didn't believe Mr. Tenet on 60 Minutes last night.

    If what he was saying is true, why did he wait so long before speaking out?

    Had the Iraq War gone differently and had the US succeeded in the mission, Mr. Tenet's book would've been much different, in that he'd be taking credit for the Mission Accomplished.

    Mr. Tenet is in CYA mode right now, not wanting to go down in history as the man who could've prevented 9/11 and the man responsible for invading Iraq.


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    George Tenet should be hung for treason. He knew, from the get go, what was going on, and yet choose not to tell the American people. It just doesn't get any lower than this.

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    He also threw Clinton under the bus....Sudan offered to get Osama and he was unloading in some chicks mouth instead of taking out Osama...He was critical on both administration...both administration dropped the ball....Clinton and Bush dropped the you right winggres Bush can't do no wrong....I believe George and the men and women of the CIA before I'll believe a politician...espcially in the Bush administration......

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