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I'm having sex dreams lately. Happily married. What does it mean? Honest answers only, pls.?

One with an old flame, a boss I never met. I am a happily married woman, satisfied with my love life. Is there any scientific explanation to the meaning of "wet dreams"?

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    It doesnt mean you want to go jump on your old flame or jump a boss you have never met. It probably doesnt mean you want to jump anyones bones at all. In my experience, something like this in a dream can simply indicate that you are lacking something you desire in your life, it may have to do with sex but the odds are it doesnt. Is there something that you wish you were or could be doing in your life that you are not? Your career? Kids? You say "happily married" are you truely 100% happy? Do you wish your hubby would take you out more? etc.......

    Look along these lines more so than along sex lines and you may find your answer. You want something you do not have right now, so....... what is it???

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    There are some things science cant explain, let's begin on a personal level as you know yourself and your partners relationship more than anyone. Start by thinking about you and your partners interactions and what happens between both of you before you complicate things and go all scientific, i mean these dreams could represent various meanings, you say your love life is happy but what about your sex life with your partner? Is the person in the dream fulfilling your sexual desires that maybe your husband is not my point is sometimes love and sex are not combined...so you love your husband but is he fulfilling your sexual desires

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    It's just a dream, if we could control them I'd be having sex dreams every night=)

    I wouldn't worry about it as long as those dreams don't interfer with real life.

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    It`s your subconcious thoughts, maybe you want a little more flavour in the bedroom..You might think of it conciously for a few seconds and then shake it off, but in your dreams it make last of few mins. It`s no big deal..

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