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Personal Character question - What's your opinion?

Do you think it's true that a person, who may already know you, that is nice to you but completely rude to strangers, such as waiters/waitresses or cashiers, is not actually a nice person at all? Or may have poor character?


This isn't a personal friend of mine, just things I've noticed in everyday life at restaraunts and stores. Sometimes it's been people I personally knew, but more so just random people.

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    Definitely not a nice person. It is so easy to be polite, and costs nothing, so I think very little of people who are intentionally rude.

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    Yes, I think that such a person is not a nice person at all, and I would have a hard time myself being friends with someone who treated others like garbage. It'd definitely consider it a sign of a poor character

    As one character said in a certain book, "If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."

    Source(s): (I'd say I'd be ashamed to quote Harry Potter's godfather, but I always found this line particularly true),
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    This person's rudeness may be caused by one of several issues: 1) they genuinely in their heart are mean and cruel, or 2) the rudeness is designed to be a brick wall to protect them from getting hurt, or 3) if they are rude only towards people whom they feel are inferior, then they may think this is the way you treat subordinates - when in reality you treat subordinates with respect but you do not socialize with them or discuss your personal business with them like you would a friend - you keep it strictly business at all times.

    It is hard for me to determine the cause because I do not know them, but you do. If they are genuinely and sincerely nice to you but not to strangers - it may just be because they do not want people getting close to them because they have had a lot of hurts in the past. One test that I use on people is when someone is rude to me, then I am nice back to them. My niceness breaks a hole in their wall and they are nice back to me. However, if I keep on trying to be nice and the person keeps on being rude/mean - then I know their heart may actually be harboring these feelings, and it is not just a defense mechanism.

    This is why we are not to judge others. Because we do not know what is really in a person's heart. Someone can appear mean and rude but go home at night with a guilty conscience for behaving that way. We just never know.

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    A true evaluation of character is how a person acts when their friends/family are not around. If they are rude to strangers, then they are generally a rude person.

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    Sometimes I excuse the person by saying he or she is impatient. Next time you see such a person do it and he is your friend, say something like "Dont be so impatient."

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    It speaks volumes about their character. As to how they treat you, it's because they see you on their level. They feel superior to others who they treat poorly. At the same time, they may also have insecurity issues and belittling others is how they feel better about themselves.

    Or maybe they think that's the way you're suppose to treat others in lesser positions. Maybe that is how their parents treated others.

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    They are nice to you because they want something from you or because they like you. They are rude to everyone else either because they are just rude people or they are trying to make themselves appear somehow better than the people they are being rude to!

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    The way people treat others who cannot retaliate if they are cruel says everything about their character. The niceness they give to you is false.

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    They sound like they think they are better than general day laborers. Pity the poor soul - they may be human one day.

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    All these people are just plastics. They are paid to be nice!

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