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Does anyone else feel this way?

Does anyone else feel that our individuality is being stripped away by laws, advertisement overkill, organized religion, high taxes, and a media generated idea of what beauty realy is?

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    Yes, by laws especially.

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    Yes, at times I feel some laws are a bit invasive, high taxes are taxing, on organized religion I belong to the most organized and I do love the structure of the Catholic Church, but I live in the Bible Belt and that means I am contrary to local public opinion......

    Now, the media is one of my biggest pet peeves.....I have a 10 yr old who thinks he needs an ipod, cel phone, and MP3 player because apparently that is cool..........What happened to 10 yr olds who played swords with sticks? or digging for worms? My son does these things, but apparently I am somehow holding him back by forcing him to use his imagination......Some days I am the "worst mom ever!!!" because I refuse to conform.....What is beauty? Ask 100 people get 100 different answers.....I think too much is put into what beauty is .....technically I may not be beautiful to a youth orientated media, but my husband and family think I am beautiful and isn't that what really counts!

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    Myself, i just don't care about anything i just live. Somebody ask what's going on? I say i'm just living. lol

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    my cousin

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