How do i get rid of my dead baby brother who is haunting me?

hi my name is emilie

i am 14

i have a twin who died and now he is haunting me in my dreams he has been for so long it is so hard for me if anyone knows how to get rid of him please tell me.


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    Tell him how you feel. He's your twin, he's always with you. He will hear you. You know you don't have to get rid of your brother. I think you should look at this as having a gift. Even if he is not physically with you he is still a part of you. You can ask him or tell him that you do not want him in your dreams any more. But if it was me I would just ask him not to make himself known to you unless you are ready for it.

    It's easier for a spirit to visit someone in there dreams then in the persons waking life. So maybe he has a message to give you...

    Good Luck...

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    I think deep down inside you haven't let go yet. Are you sure you want him to go away? When you say, "haunting me", are you saying that he is doing dreadful things to you or you can't stop dreaming about him?

    perhaps him entering in your dream is the only way he can get you to hear him or see him.

    Not sure if you are a spiritual person or not, but I suggest that you pray. and if you think you can do it - talk to him when he does it. Let him know that you miss him and although he is gone, he is with you always.

    Don't just do this one time, do it all the time. Sometimes the dead have a hard time crossing over - and he was your twin, so it is probably hard for him too.

    Good luck!

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    The first thing you have to realize is that what you experience is just dreams and not your brother. He is dead and is no more. So this is nothing supernatural like the dead haunting. When my dad died, just too young, he was in my dreams for many years, but then less and less until now when I never dream about him any longer. I think this is the way it is for many of us, it's part of the healing process. We have to accept it, and I think it is easier to do if we also accept that this is just dreams that pops up in our minds when we are sleeping. Now, this was your twin brother, so you will probably have more such dreams than in many other cases. But your brain will heal, I'm sure.

    Source(s): If you happen to be a Christian it may help to know that the Bible clearly tells us that death is a sleep, and that the dead know nothing and has no part of what is happening on earth. See for example John 11:11-14 where Jesus calls death a sleep. “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing,” we are told by the author of Ecclesiastes. “For in the grave where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.” he continues. Eccl. 9:5,10. The Christian hope of eternal life is not the idea of an immortal soul, or somehting like that, but the hope of a future resurrection. There are many promises in the Bible on that. Here is an interesting link, just in case you are interested:
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    Dreams are manifestations of your subconscious thoughts. If you're dreaming about your dead brother, all it means is that you've been thinking about him. And if you've been dreaming about him for a long time, it probably means that to some extent you haven't really dealt with his death. The fact that you believe he's haunting you also suggests that you're yet to fully come to terms with his death.

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    Emilie, I am so sorry for your loss. Please remember that your brother isn't haunting you, he is visiting you. People we are connected to often visit us in our dreams. You have a rare gift, sweetheart, please find out who else in your family has this gift. It is usually passed through the female line, so ask your mom if anyone in her family ever had 'visits' from people who had passed on. If not, it is from the female members of your dad's family (or your mom is refusing to acknowledge that it really did happen in her family.) Either way, talk to your brother and see what it is that he needs to pass along. It is probably a message to someone who can't see or hear him. Don't be afraid and don't be sad. He will leave when he has finished what he has come for, I promise. Please e-mail me if you need more information and you can't get it from your family.

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    Get a wee gee board, and try and contact the spirit, or try talking to your brother when your on your own tell him to leave and see if you stop seeing the spirit and last if he doesn't respond to the wee gee board or you talking to him, go to a medium who can talk to your brother for you as he may need to tell you something important like a message. if all that fails, your just paranoid and have an over active imagination

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    Hi Emilie.

    I am 14 too.

    I do not know if you're a Christian but the best advice I can give you is to pray for his soul. Maybe, just maybe, he still has not rest in peace. Pray for him everyday and night and maybe talk to him. After all, he's your twin. But just pray, it's the best thing you can do for him.

    God bless! Always!

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    Ring a little bell in every corner of your house. This is used for cleansing your home. At the same time, tell him to move on over to the other side. Make sure you do this in every corner, up and down and repeat those words. good luck to you.

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    Maybe your brother is trying to tell you something in these dreams look in to them more dont just think that he is haunting you he could be trying to warn you about something

  • hi emilie,

    i have had the same situation but in my case the person was not related to me, but what i found that worked was everytime she popped into my head or i would wake up from a dream about her, i woudl say in my head, you dont belong here, you need to move on and leave me alone, but sometimes if the spirit is very persistent, you have to actually say it outloud and maybe even yell. you might not have to do so, but i would just try encouraging his spirit to move on, that he is no longer in this world, he needs to let go.

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