toilet bowl discolored?

My toilet bowl gets a reddish, orange tint to it. i thought it was the toilet that was just old, but i just got a new one and i noticed the same thing is happening. i have to clean it all the time because of the discoloration (it does come off when cleaned). is there something wrong with my water or pipes? is there anything i can/should do to fix it? thanks


the water looks clear. Also, the water from the kitchen sink tastes fine.

Update 2:

toilet and tank are brand new (less than 1 month) so there shouldn't be anything i need to clean (should there?)

Update 3:

is it safe to drink?

Update 4:

just to be clear. the problem is not cleaning it. it goes away no problem with standard toilet cleaner. the problem is that it is there at all. thanks.

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    Drink more water!

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    That is rust from the water. It usually does come from galvanized pipes in the water lines.

    The cheap way, is to drain all the water from the tank and scrub out the tank. Flush the tank a couple of times before you fill it again. Add a Cleaning Tablet to the tank and that should help maintain it.

    You could have the pipes replaced but that is pretty expensive to do

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your water supply just has some free iron content in it. This is not all that unusual. It can be fixed with the proper filtering/conditioning system, but if this is the only problem you have with the water, then I'd just go ahead and clean the toilet using a good rust removing product like CLR.

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    first of all there are some issues that you've not instructed us, which include: are you on a city or county water grant, a nicely or cistern. if you're on a city or county water grant you would possibly want to need to call the city to work out in the adventure that they have flushed the mains right here lately. if you're on a nicely it may be a good looking good theory to have your nicely water examined to work out precisely whats in it, (they take a pattern on the tap and the nicely to substantiate if the problem is interior the nicely or the plumbing itself. very last yet no longer least, if you're on a cistern, your cistern might want to need to be wiped clean out and also you would possibly want to need to evaluate getting a clean water organization. What all of it boils right down to: "is it the water or the pipes"

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    The VERYBEST thing I have found is the cheapest. "The Works" from any dollar store. Pour it in, let it set and WIPE away., $1.50/bottle. Just used it yesterday!

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    remove tank lid, get bucket of water, flush toilet, when tank empty, pour in bucket of water, it will stir up sediment in bottom of tank, flush again ( repeat as neccesary)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have high iron. get a water softener. the stains should come out with CLR.

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