I have a video game idea. and want to try and give the idea to a company. how do I do that?

I have a game idea called Recolection. and want to maby try and give the idea to a came company. since I cant make it myself. I dont want to get ripped off and have it stolen. what can I do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Contacting the game companies with an Idea is all good, but like any business idea, which is essentially what it is, it needs to be thoroughly thought out and planned. It could be the greatest idea in the world, but you still have to pitch it to them.

    So this means things such as,

    -concept art

    -story lines

    -summarisation of your unique gaming idea

    -possible gaming formats

    -pros and cons

    - etc etc

    I'm sure there are avenues which you can follow to publish a game, which could be found by contacting the companies, but first you should be prepared (if you aren't already).

  • 1 decade ago

    well call up the company that makes games like ubisoft,EA,square cinx, not game company's like Microsoft or Sony but company's that make the games and ask them if they are willing to buy your idea or if they want to buy an idea for a game that you have that's the best can give you unless you know someone in the gaming business

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