Pregnant or not?

Okay, my period is a couple of days late. Problem is, I had two periods in March. The first one was March 1st and the second was March 27th. I've never had that happen, I've always been very regular. Should I wait a little while to see if I start or should I be panicking. I don't feel pregnant like I did with my first pregnancy. I was sick immediately and very very tired and irritable. None of that right now. Please share your thoughts!


went on vacation, haven't quite gotten back in to my five day a week exercise routine and now have family visiting from out of state which isn't helping me exercise, lost 2 pounds since I quit exercising, but chalked it up to loss of muscle mass.

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    Well, your periods can be different, if something has changed in ur diet, or excercise. or even stress. If you are worried about this I'd just take a quick HPT and releive your nerves!

    * From what you posted! I'd say that could delay your period! If you just wait it out im sure your period will show up! Or again just for comfort just do a HPT! Always makes people feel better! :)

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    Every pregnancy is different. What I suggest is to take a HPT or get a blood test done at the doctor, that is the only way that you will know if you are pregnant or not.

    Two periods in one month does not sound normal, could have been implantation bleeding.....


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    I don't know what your normal cycle length is, but the 26-day one you had in March is well within normal range. Irritating, but normal.

    Rather than panic, if you are anxious, just get a pregnancy test. Read the package to see how early it works.

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