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How do Israelis feel about Arabs?

As individuals and as a whole? And what do they think about Arab nations, and what should be done to promote better relations?

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    There are several aspects to how Israelis feel about Arabs:

    1) they recognize that among Arabs, there are many groups/sects with different ideological persuasions (e.g., Beduins, Christians, Druze, Shia, Sunni, Palestinian, Israeli Arab, etc). So not all Arabs are viewed in the same way.

    2) on an individual level, I have quite a number of Arab friends (we volunteered together with the Israeli ambulance service). I judge individuals on their own merits/demerits, regardless of their ethnic/religious/cultural background.

    3) as a whole, I like some groups of Arabs and am scared of others. It's difficult to get used to people saying everday that you/your country has no right to exist and that you should be whiped off the face of the map (ex., Hamas' charter) and that all forms of violence/"resistance" are justified (even if they TARGET innocent civilians). On the other hand, I feel a strong sense of loyalty to many to Israel's Druze and Beduins for example, who, by and large, are friendly to the state.

    4) Israelis don't trust most Arab nations given the history between Israel and the Arab bloc and the fact that many Arab governments/religious institutions use the media in their countries in order to promote an unfairly anti-Israel agenda (i.e., there's the perception that the Arab media spins the news in such a way that Israel is always made out to be the bad guy and that everything Israel does is exaggerated and spun out of proportion, while DELIBERATE Palestinian attacks on INNOCENT civilians are not condemned/criticized). Here are some examples with the type of Arab media that I am talking about:

    You are probably much more familiar with media in the Arab world than I am, so you can see how the material on these websites compares with what you are familiar with.

    5) I truely believe that a great majority of Israeli Jews want to have peaceful, normal relations with Arabs. While it is true that we have our own extremists (settlers, etc), you have to understand that Israel is ruled by a coalition of parties that represent the diverse interests of the Israeli population. So the government may support one measure or another that a majority of the people disagree with, but these are the sort of things that come from having such a political system. We want to live in peace, we want peace for the Arabs.

    6) I think for better relations to happen, the Arab world needs to first do a better job of providing its youth with a solid, secular education (religious education, in my opinion, shouldn't be mandated by the state, but rather, should be left up to the individual and his/her family). Second, I think the status of Arab women needs to be improved. They should have the same legal and political freedoms/status as men. Third, I believe that Arab states should adopt democratic reforms so that the governments can become more flexible and representative of the will of the people. Fourth, Arab states should have a news-reporting media that is largely free from state censorship.

    I think several good places to start towards improving relations between Arabs and Jews would be to have joint-initiatives in: medical research, humanitarian relief assistance projects, science and technology research and various cultural activities (like joint orchestras, joint sporting activities, etc).

    EDIT: Sexi-plexi and all other non-Israelis in this thread: you are entirely within your rights to dislike Israel, but please don't start pumping crap into this thread about how Israelis 'really' think. I am Israeli and I've lived most of my life in Israel. I think I, and the other Israelis in this thread, am eminently more qualified to answer a question about how Israelis percieve Arabs than you guys will ever be. I wouldn't answer a question about how Arabs percieve Jews, because, honestly, I am not qualified to answer that question (I have read things and heard things from Arab friends and the media, but that doesn't make my opinion any more credible or relevant on that issue).

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    There is a huge spread of opinions and attitudes within Israel towards Arabs.

    There are Jewish organisations which help Palestinians suffering injustice from the Israeli state or army.

    There are many who say they want to live in peace with Arabs and get a proper peace deal, recognising that Israel has to give as well as take.

    There are many others who have no time for the Arab cause or people, but who still accept individual Arabs as friends, or at least acquantainces.

    There is a considerable minority who hate Arabs and believe they deserve all the suffering they endure in the Occupied Territories, and more. There are even some who think Gaza should be erased from the map by carpet bombing, such as Rabbi Kahane's group, still going and active after his death.

    The usual view, even among the moderate, is that the Palestinaian Arabs (which they don't recognise as Palestinian, just Arab) should go and live in the other Arab countries.

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    Some Israelis are Arabs!

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    there is no hate for the arabs as a whole. personally as a jew, i have a problem with those that think it is ok to stab and kill somone walking home from yeshivah. on the other hand there were a lot of arabs, christian and muslim, that i was friends with and i could depend on them.

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    My friend up there is saying that "soldiers"-heavily armed- are being kidnapped by ...let's say little kids throwing stones...I mean who would buy into this?!!!! Moreover they are sufferring from the occasional Kassams ...well, the Palestinians suffer everyday ...

    Well, Arabs want peace, but how can u have peace with someone who has stolen ur land?!!

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    I have and Arabic friend, and she totally despises Israelis, they stole their country after all

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    I'm from israel and I am jewish. I'm in a rush so I will answer you a simple answer. The Israelis do not hate the Arabs. In fact, we would love to have peace with them. In fact, you might be thinking to go on and have peace with them. But, no, it is very hard, We do not hate arabs, they hate us, and that is the problem. That is all of the stories of every single war that had taken place in the country of Israel. Everyone thinks that we are terrorists, but we are not. Just because we have idiotic Arabs in the Shomron (which is in central israel) that harbour teror does not mean that we are also as bad as them.

    That is my answer and i hope that it helped you.

    Sabba Slacker from haifa, israel

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    i am a Muslim, and i was born and raised a Muslim.

    About 3 years ago i started to get into religion, I had a fiance that was Jewish, he told me all about the religion and culture, we had broken up, but i know in my heart that i wanted to convert to Judaism. I embrace the religion greatly.

    I found peace and serenity, finally. And now i know my choice was my own, and nobody could tell me otherwise. As for how Israelis feel about Arabs, they do NOT hate them as a whole, they just do not like the ones that are against them, and vice versa. I have been to Israel many times; Arabs live in Israel as well, treated the same, as friends. They have nothing against them, it is not about the person, it is about the character of the person, that is what i had noticed when i had visited Israel.

    Beautiful country, beautiful people, you should visit!

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    I think that the israeli people think it is there divine right to be there but why should the palestinian people have to start there own disapora they didn't start the halocaust instaed we should of taken land from germany and its allies to make room for the jew. To prevent more hastilities they should be the leaders in making palestien.

    PS sorry couldn't spell it right

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    no hatred. they are the ones who hate the israelis.

    THe israelis want peace

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