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how do u switch a bluetooth to another phone?

i have a bluetooth for my ravr but i bought a new phone (blackberry pearl) and i want my blue tooth to work with the new phone.

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    You may have to disengage the connection between your ravr and your blue tooth first. Just go into your ravr blue tooth settings and disconnect the connections. Now go into your blackberry pearl blue tooth settings and select the "search for devices" button. There may be variations to this request. You should be able to go from here just like you did when you set up your ravr, but if you don't remember, then here you go.

    Choose the blue tooth device you are trying to connect to. When you select it, you may have to enter a code to connect to it. Once entered, you should be synced with your ear piece.

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    its a piece of hardware in the phone, you cant just move it from one to the other

    edit:oohhh, do you mean the headset? just look for something about "search for devices" in settings somewhere, you will find it eventually.

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