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How do I get rid of the redness under my dogs eyes?

I have a maltese and whenever she tears she gets red stains on her fur under her eyes? I have tried triming it as well as using diamond eye solution to scrub it out. But both barely do the trick. Someone told me dogs could eat vitamins to stop the red tearing/ Does anyone know if this is true or if they have any better solutions?

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    I am a dog groomer and I can tell you that nothing you buy at the store works. There is a product that you can only buy online that many of my clients have bought and it really does work, I have seen the proof or I would not be telling people about it. Its One other thig that does work somewhat is to give your dog bottled water instead if tap water.

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    Are you talking about tear stains? I have a big dog, so no experience with that, go with the person above you, just try out his product, or you can try one of the cheap store things. I don't see how tap water would work, and those wouldn't, but...meh, your call.

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