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What's the opinion of Creationists (who believe that new species do not arise) of virulent cancers?

HeLa cells - human cervical cells containing 82 chromosomes that have been cultured in the lab.

Canine transmissible venereal tumor cells - originally canine cells that are now a contagious virus.

Devil facial tumor disease - contagious cancer that spreads among Tasmanian devils via facial bites.

All of these are immortal cell lines that were originally cells of the species they infect (with the exception of HeLa which now only exist in labs) and live on in a virulent form.

So the whole "have you ever seen a dog change into a cat?" question - No, but we've seen a dog, a human and a Tasmanian devil "turn into" a virus. Does that count?


arewethereyet - While it may be true that they ARE cells that have "gone bad", they CAN survive outside of their original host - contagious means they can transfer to another organism, in this case it has only been members of their own species but that has only been due to the way in which they are transfered.

And yes, most real viruses are not cellular, these cancerous cells certainely act like viruses, despite their classification.

Update 2:

Please, if you're just going to argue that viruses and bacteria only evolve into different strains you're an idiot - the matter at hand here is that animal cells - including human cells - can evolve into virulent cancer cells. That is one form of life essentially evolving into another, not simply a different strain of the original.

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    Virus and Bacteria are among the oldest living things on Earth but what have they evolved into? well they are still a virus and bacteria despite mutation, it looks as though they are never going to be anything else but true to thier nature.

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    You know you won't get a clear explanation from your 'target' audience.

    Rather than accept that Ebola, and antibiotic resistant staphylococcus are relatively new to the world, they prefer to deem them "the products of the sins of man".

    What a delightfully medieval point of view.

    Still, it's a refreshing change from the usual mantra of "Goddidit".

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    Your question is futile. Like asking Peter Pan believers how they explain that Boeing 787 flies...

    It could be a special variation of intelligent falling though....

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    None of these things can exist independently from it's host, they are not evolved, they are examples of cells gone bad.

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    They expect to witness changes that occurr over millions of years to happen within their lifetimes for proof. If it did occur, they'd claim happened so quick it had to be god.

    They'll twist and distort anything to make it fit their silly view of nature.

  • They're idiots and their opinion hardly matters on the majority scale.

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    they say that a virus is not an plant or animal

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