What do you think of the new Sopranos so far?

Im disappointed !! it doesnt have the feel of the other seasons. Im hoping it has a great finish, but im bored with it. The characters act different.. they have the same face...but theyre different characters. The 'feel' of the show is gone in these new episodes. I'll keep watching because im a true fan .

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    I feel exactly the same way. the only reason why i keep watching it is because of the characters. but the story lines have become boring and not to mention last nights vito taking a dump in the shower was the most disgusting pointless scene i ever saw. The writers are developing new story lines on little vito, hesh's girlfriend and this asian guy with uncle junior last week and their such a waste of time. who cares about these people? why can't they focus on tony being the boss with his fellas, hes becoming a gambler that will probably be left alone and broke, but who knows, they keep changing every thing every episode. we might just be left with the stupidest ending ever. i'm so disappointed.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree! It has been quite slow this season and I hope it's building to something big! Last night's episode was really slow even though it focused a lot on Tony's money problems and Vito's wacked out son and AJ's love problems! I hope it gets better in the next few weeks since Tony's empire is starting to crumble around him and he's becoming unglued.

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