I am a nurse,i would loke to work in UAE.is there any examination i should pass?WHAT SHALL I READ?

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  • Zain
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    1 decade ago
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    To work as registered nurse in UAE, you should undergo for a technical test conducted by the Ministry of Health.

    Visit the following link, hope it will help.


    Good luck.

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    yes there will be an exam. but we need to know where in UAE exactly u wana work. if in Abu Dhabi then u can visit the site of General Authority of Health Services www.gahs.gov.ae since they are responsible for such exams in Abu Dhabi. if in other city then u can visit the site of MOH mentioned by the previous answerer. there are special timings to conduct the exam. as far as i know, if you are a foreigner u might be requested to pass an Arabic Language exam as well (this is the case for pharmacists) but i'm not sure about nurses. anyway..hope these were helpful! good luck :)

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