Proof I have never been married...?

I am living am applying for residency in Israel and they are asking for proof I have never been married in the USA. Where do I get such proof, Massachusetts state will give me a state paper, but it only covers MA and not any of the other 49 states...does anyone know if this is enough or is there a nationwide office for this?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been dealing with similar issues lately. As far as I understand, that Massachusetts paper should be enough. I'm not sure if this applies to Israel, but it is also possible to swear an oath in front of an official at a consulate or embassy attesting to that fact. For example, I want to get married in the Czech Republic. I can either go to a Czech embassy in the United States, or the American embassy in the Czech Republic. At any rate, try checking out the Israeli embassy's web site for more info.

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    why would you (or anyone) want to live in Israel??

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