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I have both an oil leak, and a transmission leak...?

Is it very expensive to get it fixed? About how much would it cost me?

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    Depends entirely on where the leaks are coming from. If the oil leak is from a gasket it's not too expensive. If it's from the front or Rear main seal it can be very expensive. Again depending on where the transmission is leaking from. pan gasket is pretty cheap. If it's a seal. Expensive.

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    It depends on the location of the leaks. Tranny leaks can be very expensive. On the Tranny, the closer you get to the engine, the more expensive, unless its just the line.

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    need more info as where oil is coming from like oil pan timing cover valve cover.eyc and tranny as well like tail shaft housing pan of tranny dip stick tubeo-ring etc ...need more info as where the leaks are at... but anyway most can be repaired with gaskets and seals.... very cheap usually..

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    depending on the make and model of the car and location of leaks.

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